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The Pleading in which a plaintiff responds to the defendant's demand for relief asserted in a set-off or counterclaim.

In most states and in the federal courts, a reply is permitted only when the defendant has specifically made a properly labeled counter-claim or when the court orders the plaintiff to file a formal response to an answer.


1 a speech by counsel for the plaintiff in a civil case, or for the prosecution in a criminal case, in answer to the points raised by the defence.
2 a pleading served by the plaintiff in a civil action in answer to the defence. Where there is a counterclaim it is often contained in the same document.
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There are, in certain threads, even women victims who reply that the particular abuser who initiated the thread was not wrong in beating his wife when the wife has "serious moral problems." (xviii) At the same time, communication is always offered as a better solution than violence and there are always more than a few repliers in these threads who point out an important moral point about domestic violence: "Regardless of the legitimacy of the motivation, beating your wife is illegitimate.
Some repliers express amazement but mostly offer advice that is found in similar threads initiated by female victims such as divorce, communication, and/or retaliation through violence.
Recording to the performed analaysis, 95.7: of the repliers had positive perspective to the information technology therefore, information technology basis prepared in the semnan province Islamic asad university.
Repliers are asked to answer to each 1 to 5 agreements or disagreement at the end the repliers' perspective discussed according to a standard questioner table 5.
According to done analysis, 32.5% of the repliers had excellent entrepreneurship capability.
* 31.9% of the repliers had good opportunity to the entrepreneurship
* 22% of the repliers had weak entrepreneurship capability by risk
* 13.5% of the repliers had weak entrepreneurship capability
22 percent of the repliers had entrepreneurship capability with risk 1305 percent of the repliers had weak entrepreneurship capability.