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The Pleading in which a plaintiff responds to the defendant's demand for relief asserted in a set-off or counterclaim.

In most states and in the federal courts, a reply is permitted only when the defendant has specifically made a properly labeled counter-claim or when the court orders the plaintiff to file a formal response to an answer.

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1 a speech by counsel for the plaintiff in a civil case, or for the prosecution in a criminal case, in answer to the points raised by the defence.
2 a pleading served by the plaintiff in a civil action in answer to the defence. Where there is a counterclaim it is often contained in the same document.
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In his replies, Justice Isa again requested the SJC to make the reference against him public.
A Twitter user can also hide replies that provide a fact-check or attempt to correct misinformation.
"It can help with quick replies that don't need too much elaboration, so you can have peace of mind quickly and sort out more specific information in a full reply later," he said.
Taking up the matter on Wednesday, the judges found out that no replies had been submitted by the police authorities and the cellular companies, despite the issuance of notices and directives.
"One of the many projects that we're working on within Area 120 is Reply, which suggests smart replies right in notifications from various chat apps," a Google spokesperson told ( TechCrunch .
He pleaded the court to grant some time for submission of replies.
So, with both manufacturers, SBY stops all replies. A discrete UAT installation, however, might behave differently.
Even though the ministers corrected their replies in many cases, it led to howls of protests from other MPs.
THE Taoiseach was accused in the Dail yesterday of "spinning" replies to TDs' questions by releasing them to the media in advance.
However, many readers (too many to mention individually) suggested this simple work-around which is foolproof: Begin in the usual way by entering the addresses in Bcc, but before you send the e-mail, open the Message Options function (Options, Message Options) and place a check next to Have Replies sent to: and enter a reply address (preferably yours).
More than a quarter of the replies were: "myself." The most frequently given reply, however, was "friends and acquaintances," cited by 51.7 percent, followed in descending order by family members, 44.5 percent; pets, 33.4 percent; scenery, 25.9 percent; interesting things encountered on the street, 22.3 percent; and reminders to do things, 20.0 percent.
For e-mail marketing you can say the offer is good only if the recipient replies "today" or "this week."