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Of the 84 programs (represented in the 77 articles), only 4 % reported retention rates, 47 % reported degree requirements, and 17 % reported testing requirements.
As shown on the Figure, public health surveillance largely depends on investigation at the local level, where a determination is made that reported events meet case definitions for reportable and notifiable conditions.
4 days for reporting; the top-performing companies in the study reported financial closing and reporting cycles of five business days or fewer.
better align information reported externally with the information reported internally to senior management to manage the business.
At first glance, the change in reporting practice should seemingly be simple to implement because the spread is already reported as part of total compensation on Form W-2.
Hate crime data are reported both by agencies submitting data through the Summary Reporting System (SRS) and by those submitting data via the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).
From October 24 to December 17, 2001, hospitals reported 240,160 visits and 7,109 intensive-care unit admissions in the surveillance area (population 6.
Most of the reports did not define the reporting structure of the internal audit department, although Merrill Lynch said its corporate audit department reported directly to the audit and finance committee of the board of directors; P&G noted that internal audit ultimately reported to the CFO, and two organizations, Fannie-Mae and General Electric, said internal audit was organizationally independent of the activities it reviewed.
that gives rise to the requirement to file the return or that affects the information to be reported in the return" that the information will not be available.
Paul Bernish, director of public relations at Kroger, reported that the summary annual report was well received by stockholders.