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Coulson," the reporter reminded him, "from some one in Washington, to the captain of the steamer and to the station-master of the London and North Western Railway.
"This is all very interesting," the reporter said, "and I am sure I'm very much obliged to you, Mr.
The reporter left his new-made friend a short time afterwards, and took a hansom to his office.
"Seems to me I may have been a bit indiscreet in talking so much to that young reporter. I have just read his account of my interview, and he's got it pat, word by word.
The boy-faced reporter speedily made himself many friends, for he was serviceable and gifted with a good humour that enchanted the most severe-tempered and disarmed the most zealous of his companions.
It was this case which was to rank him as the leading newspaper reporter, and to obtain for him the reputation of being the greatest detective in the world.
You are a reporter just as I was once and you have at- tracted my attention.
"Why don't you become a reporter?" she asked when he had finished.
28, 2019-- The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), the country's leading organization representing stenographic court reporters, captioners, and legal videographers, has announced that Theresa Ann Vorkapic has earned the nationally recognized Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) certification, having demonstrated her ability to produce a high-quality verbatim record.
The Reporters Association of Liberia or RAL, a media body in the country warns House Speaker Bhofal Chambers to stop harassing and intimidating independent reporters providing coverage at the House of Representatives.
Gone are the days when reporters covering Malacanang and Congress were veterans.
The state's official court reporters have worked their last day, but some are still waiting for the parting gift they were promised.<br />In early December, the union representing the court reporters, OPEIU Local 6, and the Trial Court signed a memorandum of understanding, memorializing an agreement to keep official court reporters on the job until June 30, 2018, as the court transitioned to its new For the Record digital recording system that would render the reporters' services largely obsolete.<br />In that MOU, the Trial Court promised to "officially and publicly state its support" for an early retirement incentive bill filed by the union with the Legislature.<br />The Senate version of that bill passed quickly.