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The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that a statute of repose barring many construction-related personal injury claims after a time limit of six years also applies to claims involving diseases with extended latency periods, such as asbestos-related illnesses.
260, 2B's six-year statute of repose governing actions arising from improvements to real property operates to bar tort claims involving diseases with extended latency periods, such as those relating to asbestos exposure.
We conclude the statutory exposure period set forth in the builder's statute of repose had expired by the time Soletski was injured by a structural defect, and no exception to the statute of repose applies.
The Court of Appeals said that the statute of repose for breach of statutory warranty claims is different for different individual condominium units.
"Please pray for the repose of his soul," he said in a CBCP News post.
Buried in Wisconsin Act 235, which contained a slew of changes to the state's civil litigation rules, was a change to the state's construction statute of repose.
Davol and Bard moved to dismiss, maintaining that Ohio law applied and that the suit was therefore barred under that state's statute of repose for product liability actions.
He said the opposition could not dare field any candidate matching the caliber of UBG candidates which resulted in winning of all these four slots of VPs and this reflected the unflinching repose of the confidence on the top leadership of the group.
FORMER Workers' Party leader Sean Garland will repose in Liberty Hall today.
Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of my Tito Nonong who passed away early this morning.
Changing the statute of repose for construction projects: Proposes legislation to shorten the statute of repose for construction projects from 12 years to six years.
Web-based surveys were designed showing smiling and repose images of normal faces as well as faces with unilateral facial paralysis in three levels of severity.