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Reposit s GridCredits system controls and store solar energy.
Reposit s GridCredits system control and store solar energy.
While in the invagination group (Group A), after dissection the entire sac was reposited into the peritoneal cavity.
The antecedent thereby is reposited and resignified via subsequent usages and references." (63) Simply by engaging with or drawing on these norms, actors at different levels may reinterpret them in a way that suits their particular context and interests.
Simon Biggs reposits the self as non-singular, de-centered, and distributed.
Such a community of equals "is not a goal to be reached, but a supposition to be posited from the outset and endlessly reposited" (page 84).
Then by applying synchronous and meticulous pressure and inward force, prolapsed mass was completely pushed inside vulva and reposited. By using a clenched fist mass was pressed forward to full length of arm beyond cervical ring.
The collection is reposited in the Indiana Geological Survey/Indiana University repository as numbers 18,225 through 18, 267.
The only American writer celebrated among '"these indestructible memorials of real genius'" is Charles Brockden Brown, although he is not mentioned by name: "In an obscure and shadowy niche was reposited the bust of our countryman, the author of 'Arthur Mervyn'" (174).
A View of the Inestimable Treasure of the Gospel as Reposited in Earthen Vessels, and Thereby Displaying the Excellent Power of God.
Their association with SPA, "rubbed off', so to speak, the implicit trust that people reposited in the parliamentarian parties: the people then began to take the Maoist's committments seriously.
Warner reposited the part of his papers about developing Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-110 with Marie E Smith, CRA, Grants Administrator and Compliance Officer at the Cary Institute.