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Because providers can no longer afford to defend themselves by claiming they "turn and reposition the resident every two hours" unless they can prove it, as this will be exploited in the discovery phase of the litigation.
2:00 AM: Sleeping residents able to reposition themselves will be left undisturbed for an additional hour.
to maximize its capacity to purchase and reposition value added opportunities, and benefit from the current interest rate environment.
Carnival Cruise Lines will reposition the Tropicale from the Caribbean to Alaska with a 14-day San Juan to San Diego voyage beginning April 7.
28, the ship will reposition from New York to San Juan on a seven-night cruise in order to begin its 1995/1996 Caribbean season.
The company had announced plans to reposition its catalog at its annual shareholders meeting.
3, 1993 to reposition and reorganize ALLTEL's telephone operations.
7 million square foot landmark opportunity and saw the potential to redevelop the retail and renovate and reposition this truly irreplaceable asset," said Mark Gordon, managing director and principal of Sonnenblick-Goldman Company.