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The partners are planning to aggressively reposition and re-tenant the 74,283 s/f 580 Eighth Avenue and the 117,518 s/f 251 West 39th Street and the 35,075 s/f 36 East 20th Street.
Staff pairs took 15 minutes to reposition all patients in the TTP.
However, even if a current owner is not willing to reposition his or her property, he or she may still have an analysis completed and provide it to potential buyers to demonstrate the potential for the property.
Reposition features items ranging from as little as pounds 15 to pounds 1500, meaning there is something for everyone.
"It comes down to two desired changes: Reposition CPA services as having a higher value and broaden the range of services to cover a wider array of activities and ways to create value for clients and employers."
Instead, doctors cut through the outer wall of the eye to gain access to the retina, which they can then detach and reposition without cutting.
* Strategic repositioning--The keystone of really profitable turnaround investing is for a manager to reposition the company strategically in its markets and turn it into a strong competitor.
The literature was searched using CINAHL, PubMed/ Medline, and Web of Science databases to locate research articles about repositioning frequency for adult patients and nurses' work to reposition patients to prevent pressure ulcers.
"Or the opportunity exists to reposition and re-tenant the building as a boutique office building with high-end ground floor retail," said Anton.
The resident's family members and significant others may need to be educated on why repositioning is important and given instruction on how to reposition. Pain should also be assessed to ensure that residents are not refusing to reposition themselves because of pain they may be experiencing.
FAIRVIEW, N.J.-Nikko Ceramics has named Dennis Martin senior vice president of sales and marketing, a newly created position, as part of an initiative to reposition itself as a lifestyle brand.
Now, two physicists have discovered that by adding a bit of electrical and chemical brawn, they can use the STM tip to pick up and reposition silicon atoms, overcoming the atoms' resistance to such maneuvering.