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Gain an insight into how drugs have been, and are being repositioned.
The three-story, 60,000 s/f building was built in 1983 and is currently being repositioned and upgraded.
This contrasts with the newly rebranded and repositioned Affinia Gardens, on East 64th Street, which serves the Upper East Side hospital corridor.
NYSE: OFG) announced today that it has completed a review of its available for sale investment portfolio in light of asset/liability management considerations and changing market conditions, and has strategically repositioned this portfolio to benefit the Group going forward.
The source wouldn't cite which property it might be but hinted that it is an older asset of SL Green's in the Grand Central sub-market, "that has been long repositioned and has realized its potential.
Since the acquisition, in 2004, SL Green, CIF and The Witkoff Group have repositioned 485 Lexington Avenue through a substantial marketing, redevelopment and leasing campaign that has resulted in the execution of eleven leases totaling approximately 756,000 square feet and an overall increase in the property's occupancy to 88%.
was able to successfully market and sell the building as a pre-developed repositioned facility.
NASDAQ: UBSI) today announced that it has repositioned its balance sheet by selling low-yielding investment securities and using the sale proceeds to repay higher-cost debt.
Reckson Associates has announced a 14,078 square foot lease transaction has been closed on behalf of CitiCorp North America at the newly repositioned 101 JFK Parkway at Reckson Office Center in Short Hills, NJ.
Included are 275,000 square feet of leases at the newly repositioned Grand Central Square complex with St.