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Some repositories offer usage metrics on their own sites, such as number of views, shares, or downloads per item.
There were and continue to be several other registries of OAI repositories such as those maintained by the Open Archives Initiative Web site (Open Archives Initiative, n.
These established repositories have a commitment to continued community service and to providing some level of assurance that published gene expression data sets will continue to be available into the future.
The effects observed here need to be addressed for safe design of nuclear waste repositories," says Couture, "and additional work on the mechanism of alteration may be required.
Day signed an agreement with Oracle to deliver a JSR 170 compliant connectivity to legacy repositories, providing standardized access.
Day Software has initiated the development of Java Content Repositories (JCR) such as Apache Jackrabbit and is the industry's leading expert for this new technology.
Most FDA-regulated and ISO-certified companies rely heavily on electronic repositories to store and manage SOPs, forms, and other documents necessary for compliance.
Consolidation of repositories, SOA technology, and other content management technology strategies can have a dramatic impact.
FAST, the global leader in enterprise search, has licensed Day's standardized content connectors for various legacy repositories.
This represents a revolutionary shift in the content management industry; previously, customers' content was "locked away" in vendors' proprietary legacy repositories.
1 Delivers New Support for Centralized Audit Repositories, Repository Based Alerting and Reporting Services to Help Mid- to Large-Size Companies Dramatically Ease the Burden of Compliance with Internal and External Audit Standards