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Created by Sonatype, the company behind the Maven Central Repository, Nexus is the first repository manager to allow developers to fully harness the Maven Central Repository while providing comprehensive management features for both internal repositories and other external Maven repositories.
As the OAI community has matured, and especially as the number of OAI repositories and the number of data sets served by those repositories has grown, it has become increasingly difficult for service providers to discover and effectively utilize the myriad repositories.
Learning Asset Integration (LAI) is the capturing, organizing, life-cycle management, and open access to a broad spectrum of learning assets in one or more central digital repositories.
While the major public DNA sequence database groups at the NCBI and EMBL-EBI had developed nascent microarray data repositories, and work was under way to create a similar database at the DDBJ, submitting data to these databases was a considerable burden for authors.
The effects observed here need to be addressed for safe design of nuclear waste repositories," says Couture, "and additional work on the mechanism of alteration may be required.
In May and September 2006 the company hosted meetings of the expert group of JSR 283, the next version of JSR 170, the groundbreaking Java standard for Content Repositories.
Minimal memory and disk usage profiles to support full scans of large repositories
Previously, companies found their content locked away in proprietary legacy repositories.
Apache Jackrabbit is an attractive option for companies who want to move away from expensive, proprietary legacy repositories and are looking for a cost efficient, standards-based alternative," said David Nuscheler, CTO of Day Software and SpecLead of the JSR170 expert group.
today unveiled a new module that allows easy integration of MasterControl Training[TM] with external document repositories, such as Documentum[TM] or Agile[TM], without the need for expensive custom coding.
Half of all employees search more than five document repositories to find the information they need, according to the study.
FAST, the global leader in enterprise search, has licensed Day's standardized content connectors for various legacy repositories.