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One exciting approach to learning more about genetic diseases and chromosomal abnormalities that capitalizes on cell lines banked in the NIGMS Repository is the development and use of man-made stem cells, called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
To ascertain user perceptions of the DfAM feature repository, verify its overall feasibility and to gather suggestion for its improvement, four MSc students on the Industrial Design Masters Programme at Loughborough University were given a project to re-design a user-interaction product so that it could be produced with a laser sintering AM system.
He said CORWM had recommended geological disposal but warned there was considerable work to be done on the technical, ethical and scientific issues surrounding an underground repository.
The study participants were presented with four search tasks to find related cases in the repository. Each search task required two search sessions, wherein users searched using the Keyword (traditional search) and Super Search (CBR search) options.
In 2004, the NLN Nursing Education Research Advisory Council (NERAC) formed the Task Group to Develop an Electronic Resource Repository for Nursing Education Research.
In this article, our understanding of metadata repository will cover an individual storage layer (relational database, XML store) which can be part of a peer-to-peer network (Nejdl, Wolf, Changtao, Decker, Sintek, Naeve et al., 2002), federated search network, etc.
Second, the available network bandwidth may be insufficient to ship all of the data to the user's computer, particularly when the data repository is distributed at several sites on the internet.
Day's CRX is the first full commercial implementation of the JSR 170 standard and allows structured and unstructured content to be stored, managed and accessed by applications in a Java-based repository. This allows enterprise content to be accessed and managed effectively within complex environments.
In 1980 Graham opened the Repository for Germinal Choice and began asking smart men to make personal contributions.
* A common universe with consistent definitions of business entities, risk and control models, and business terms is established within a unified repository for enterprise data.