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First, he reiterates the use of jokes as a potent form of social criticism: "It is also good when by a retort we reprehend something without seeming to mean to do so.
Laura Schlesinger, who dared to reprehend homosexual pressure-groups, Joseph Sobran observed:(10)
After many "vehement" speeches by the Rabbi, a crowd of forty or fifty Jews gathers, "and some of them beganne very insolently to swagger with me, because I durst reprehend their religion.
The court found that "any state may impose liabilities, even upon persons not within its allegiance, for conduct outside its borders that has consequences within its borders which the state reprehends.
Strong ties the concept of baptismal regeneration to the rise of infant baptism, which he rejects and reprehends.
77) Instead, they use a slightly different version of the effects test, interpreting the law to have extraterritorial effect "if the conduct is intended to and actually does have an effect on United States imports or exports which the state reprehends.