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It is certainly no accident that the final rhyme word of the entire poem is reprehend ("ripiglia," v.
(48) Charles James, Assistant Attorney General in Charge of Antitrust, has "warned" Europe not to reprehend Microsoft for conduct allowed under U.S.
Or even if it was wrong about technical guilt, do ambiguous appearances indicate a heart not wholly innocent, and make the judicial system not entirely wrong to reprehend that ambiguity?
First, he reiterates the use of jokes as a potent form of social criticism: "It is also good when by a retort we reprehend something without seeming to mean to do so." [42] Bibbiena especially values jokes that use dissimulation, which is, as he explains, "when one thing is said and another is tacitly understood." [43] This relies on the ability to convey a second meaning beyond the literal one, of using "a word in which there is a hidden meaning different from the one we seem to intend." [44] In this way, there is the advantage of being able to deny the intentionality of the reprimand.
Indeed, some Catholic writers thought their Protestant counterparts such as John Foxe had gone so far as to make Dante one of their own; Robert Parsons, for example, said that Foxe had done this with both Dante and Petrarch, who "neuer held any iote of protestant religion in the world" but were made to appear so because in their works "they reprehend the manners of Rome, or liues of some Popes in those daies." (8) Florio's mention of Dante in his A World of Words (1598) is especially noteworthy, since he says there that Dante was the most difficult of the triumvirate of medieval Italian poets: "Dante is hardest, but commented." (9) His phrasing may also be the source for Lady Would-Be's comment noted above.
Laura Schlesinger, who dared to reprehend homosexual pressure-groups, Joseph Sobran observed:(10)
Finally Coryat openly urges the Rabbi to abandon his religion and become a Christian, though "[i]n the end he seemed to be somewhat exasperated against me, because I sharply taxed their superstitious ceremonies." After many "vehement" speeches by the Rabbi, a crowd of forty or fifty Jews gathers, "and some of them beganne very insolently to swagger with me, because I durst reprehend their religion." Realizing that he has been impolitic and a bit ridiculous, Coryat beats a retreat.
Godber has been taken to task by some of his critics for not creating "characters' and for failing to reprehend the life styles he's reporting on.
Reprehends should be arrested first and they should be given an exemplarily punishment so that no one in the future would be able to commit any act of this sort.
Intikhab also reprehended Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed's complaints of not getting to play more practice matches ahead of the series.
Amjad Javed Saleemi reprehended two DSPs of Razaqabad Training School Tariq Imran and Azam Hayat Khan and ordered reduction of one year service period of DSP M.
In particular, Greene was reprehended for not providing convincing arguments for introducing these immoral situations into the plot.