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77) Instead, they use a slightly different version of the effects test, interpreting the law to have extraterritorial effect "if the conduct is intended to and actually does have an effect on United States imports or exports which the state reprehends.
He also regrets and reprehends his nephew for having maltreated Sethe, not out of compassion for the her, but out of self-pity: Sweet Home is being deprived of "at least ten breeding years" from Sethe.
77) as he reprehends the cowardly behaviour of the Achaeans, the expression seems no more than an honorific title indicating that he is the ruler of the city, though he is very much a father-figure for other warriors in the entire Homeric corpus.
He then reprehends the tendency of his time in which, as he puts it, "remote from the sages, the norm of writing is broken and scattered.
Suggesting that absence in its own way evokes a sort of presence is neither meant to gainsay Steiner's criticism of an "obsessive" negation, nor to pick up the gauntlet in defense of that which he reprehends.