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The cast of geeks can also confuse the reader; the 'baddies' are actually driven by a beneficent philosophy while the 'goodies' often act reprehensibly.
duty to exercise reasonable care without reprehensibly rejecting that
My feeling is that some parts of the media have acted reprehensibly not only with the practice of hacking indiscriminately to unearth sensational stories, but the bribing of police officers not to follow up inquiries.
Reprehensibly, this ill-informed view has been encouraged by some politicians for their own advantage.
and yet she was prepared to say at that point, prior to any finding of the AFP, that he behaved unlawfully and reprehensibly.
At least Robert Penn Warren and the other Fugitives took a stand and wrote compelling poems and novels, albeit at times reprehensibly, from the position of being white male Americans.
D's commitment to her work supersedes any other attachment, a position that is at once reprehensibly selfish and hugely seductive.
The fraught sense of shame is rooted for father and son in an impossibly articulated, unconscious fear of trespass and culpability, in having exposed something reprehensibly secretive in the other and in having done so, uncovered an ignoble weakness in oneself.
Gender was also a central issue for the author of Compulsory Education, who argued that the state intervention in private life, most reprehensibly supported by a Liberal administration in the 1870s, constituted a direct attack on male authority over family and household.
At moments, he has been roundly attacked with sound justification for his paternalism and his apparent mourning of the "loss" of an Aboriginal presence, the effacement to which he directly and reprehensibly contributed (see Bentley, "Shadows in the Soul" 754-55).
When military regimes or dictators rule reprehensibly, they devalue themselves as well as their citizens, because they often resort to oppression to stay in power.