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(f) indicates rapid raising of intonation, generally used for reprehension. Finally, and due to space limitations of the present paper, the symbol (...) indicates that parts of the transcription have been suppressed.
The following records of the Mission Council also suggest tension among Moody, the council, and FMC: council chair Campbell's disapproval of Moody's manuscript of POJ commentary on Romans (ibid., 883); strong protest of the council at FMC's decision to prolong Moody's furlough because of his illness (909-10); the council's reprehension of FMC for their "repeatedly singling out one member of the Council [presumably Moody] for preferential treatment" (950-51).
The people looked with most jealous scrutiny to the exercise of power, which did not emanate from themselves, and they usually rewarded the rulers with slender gratitude, for the compliances, by which, in softening their instructions from beyond the sea, they had incurred the reprehension of those who gave them.
Yo tengo dos varas y siete dedos de persona; los miembros que la abultan y componen tienen una simetria sin reprehension; la piel del rostro esta llena, aunque ya me van asomando hacia los lagrimales de los ojos algunas patas de gallo; no hay en el colorido enfadoso, pecas ni otros manchones desmayados.
Milton, who counted on his readers reacting with reprehension at the pride of Satan, could not count on such a response if he had written Paradise Lost in modern times.
Fabian Alfie, Dante's Tenzone with Forese Donati: The Reprehension of Vice.
In fact, in so far as I have been able to consider, we have done nothing that was not seemly; for, albeit some gay stories and of a kind to stimulate concupiscence have here been told, and we have daily eaten and drunk well and also sung and danced--all things apt to incite weak minds to less than honest things--neither on your part nor on ours, have I become aware of any action, any word, or anything else that calls for reprehension; but, I believe that I have seen and heard continuous honesty, continuous harmony, continuous fraternal and sisterly companionship, which certainly is most dear to me for the honor and welfare which come to you and to me.")
42), inmediatamente a continuacion de La verdad trompeta, el anonimo (que no hemos visto) intitulado: La saludable reprehension de Hermenegildo Charitatis a Theophilo Correccionis en el que: <<[...] se cantaba victoria por no haberse contestado al anonimo primero.
However he goes beyond Hume asking whether the Americans would not be an object of reprehension if they took the word of sages and philosophers who advised them to abandon this approach to republican government.
As an early advocate of polyamory, he viewed sexual jealousy as 'an ignorant and despotic prejudice worthy only of reprehension and rebuke' based on 'a presupposition of property in human beings'.
Some of them resorted to putting away the computers after futile reprehension of their children, and ended up in heated arguments with them.
There's no sharing of India's sense of moral reprehension. And out of this divide arises the crisis of our civilisation.