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To exhibit or expose; to appear in the character of.

When an item is represented, it is produced publicly. To represent an individual means to stand in his or her place, acting as his or her substitute or attorney.

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v. 1) to act as the agent for another. 2) to act as a client's attorney. 3) the state something as a fact, such as "I tell you this horse is only four years old." 4) to allege a fact in court, as "I represent to the court, that we will present six witnesses," "We represent that this is the final contract between the parties." (See: representation)

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TO REPRESENT. To exhibit; to expose before the eyes: to represent a thing is to produce it publicly. Dig. 10, 4, 2, 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* CBRE's Ken Rapp and Jared Freede represented Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp in a 18,650 s/f lease at 437 Madison Avenue for the entire 25th floor.
As members of the Air Force Honor Guard, you represent those of us who stand tall for freedom, so much so we are willing to lay down our lives on the battlefields of the world if necessary.
The 14 paintings of holy and inspiring women in the chapel of Merion Mercy Academy in Merion Station, Pennsylvania represent the seven corporal works of mercy (left) and the seven spiritual works of mercy (right).
The lending data of the aggregate lenders represent the cumulative lending for all financial institutions that have reported HMDA data in a given market.
These represent two different perspectives; GD&T is the basis for some of the specific processes within the overall inspection process.
Another challenge was to select a profile that represents a sufficiently broad segment of the market so end-users would find results relevant and useful in evaluating products.
Miles draws the same negative conclusions in her critique of Not Without My Daughter, The Chosen, and Chariots of Fire, films that represent Judaism and Islam within predominantly Christian cultures.
Memory strands consist of long sequences of bases subdivided into segments of a standard length that represent individual memory units.
To represent the similarity relationships among these 91 skilled occupations in a hierarchical structure, their mean R-I-A-S-E-C profiles reported in the CAI manual (Johannson, 1982) were used as input and submitted to a hierarchical cluster analysis.
represented the landlord, 5900 Core Avenue LLC, in the lease of 1378 square feet of office space at 5900 Core Ave., North Charleston, to Palmetto Family Homecare LLC.
The Southwest is ruled by the Trimm K'un ('the Receptive'), which represents the nurturing strength of Earth.