represent oneself

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Bergman (law, UCLA) and Berman, an attorney, writer, and bar review professor at Concord Law School, explain how to represent oneself as a plaintiff or defendant in court in a bankruptcy, divorce, landlord-tenant dispute, breach of contract case, small business dispute, or other civil lawsuit.
6 Faking credentials: Claiming a license that has not been obtained may actually subject the candidate to criminal prosecution in some states where it is unlawful to represent oneself as licensed in certain professions.
In placing the means to represent oneself in the hands of the individual, photography has allowed people the opportunity to create idealized visions of themselves and their families which can be passed on to, and affect the understanding of, future generations.
The volume strives to create a common ground in order to engage in and critically assess some recent accounts of sacrifice which, according to it, have put a great deal of emphasis on that aspect of sacrifice that validates victimhood: "to represent oneself as a victim means in today's discourse, to achieve certain moral and hermeneutic superiority, as the self-designated victim demands such gnoseological privilege" (p.