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To exhibit or expose; to appear in the character of.

When an item is represented, it is produced publicly. To represent an individual means to stand in his or her place, acting as his or her substitute or attorney.


v. 1) to act as the agent for another. 2) to act as a client's attorney. 3) the state something as a fact, such as "I tell you this horse is only four years old." 4) to allege a fact in court, as "I represent to the court, that we will present six witnesses," "We represent that this is the final contract between the parties." (See: representation)

TO REPRESENT. To exhibit; to expose before the eyes: to represent a thing is to produce it publicly. Dig. 10, 4, 2, 3.

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Likewise, we assessed the contribution of the most adequate farming processes given the agroecologic zones with greater representability. In this case, these zones correspond to the 6H1 and 11H1.
'Re-fathoming the dark of heartness: contrapuntal representations of the Rwandan genocide' is another contribution on the representability of a genocide and discusses two texts by a non-Rwandan and a Rwandan writer.
To assure the representability of the simulation model for microcars, some requirements are defined.
By calling attention to their status as pictorial images, the author argues, these prints claim to be sanctioned by the condition of representability espoused by Christ Himself.
I went on to read other influential studies of the history of gay and lesbian cinema, by Richard Dyer and Vito Russo [who wrote the book The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies (1981)] and Patricia White [author of Uninvited: Classical Hollywood and Lesbian Representability (1999)], among others.
Vucetic, "Trading representability for scalability: adaptive multi-hyperplane machine for nonlinear classification," in Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD '11), pp.
2015), to improve representability and reduce uncertainty as much as possible; nevertheless, the choice of resolution rested on the information needs.
White's previous book, Uninvited: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Lesbian Representability (1999), is treasured by lesbian and queer advocates and considered a must read within media studies.
(1) Instead, what we see is the representability, warts and all, of modern society in its totality, or what Lehmann calls "the ideal of surveyability" (40).
This is the property of finite representability of [??] into M.
Spicer's stage directions in his apocryphal sequel strain the limits of representability: "Buster Keaton forgets his politeness and becomes a Catholic.
(18.) In particular the requirement of graphical representability,