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To exhibit or expose; to appear in the character of.

When an item is represented, it is produced publicly. To represent an individual means to stand in his or her place, acting as his or her substitute or attorney.

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v. 1) to act as the agent for another. 2) to act as a client's attorney. 3) the state something as a fact, such as "I tell you this horse is only four years old." 4) to allege a fact in court, as "I represent to the court, that we will present six witnesses," "We represent that this is the final contract between the parties." (See: representation)

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TO REPRESENT. To exhibit; to expose before the eyes: to represent a thing is to produce it publicly. Dig. 10, 4, 2, 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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sovereignty claims, connected inescapably to some understandings of space/territory/identity [citizen/nation/state], are territorializing practices in the quest for constructing 'representable' essences, meanings, identities and cultures.
Dans ce sens, le texte d'Annie Ernaux fait partie d'une evolution plus large chez les auteurs du vingitieme siecle, et plus particulierement chez les femmes qui ont change la notion de ce qui est representable. Elles ont revendique le droit de paler de leur corps et de leur sexualite d'une maniere franche qui, avant les annees 1970, aurait plus fortement censuree.
Root numbers are of several types: S for signaling NaNs, Q for quiet NaNs, H for infinity (think of Huge), T for the smallest normalized number (think of Tiny), and, of course, (exactly representable) integers.
If D is integrally representable and if D' is an integral representation of D, then, inner products of pairs of vectors in D' are integers.
This motivated research into using constraint logic programs (see Jaffar and Lassez [1987] and Jaffar and Maher [1994]) for querying finitely representable databases over the integer order.
Another curiosity is that in both places, the theorem as stated - 'ZF plus V = L has an [Omega]-model which contains any given countable set of real numbers' - appears to be [[Sigma].sub.2], whereas what is proven is the [[Pi].sub.2] sentence that every countable set of reals s is representable in some constructible [Omega]-model.
In Trellis, hypertext objects encompass all forms of computer representable "media": static content such as text and graphics, active content such as video and audio, and procedural content such as computations and embedded hypertexts.
Menos un sujeto definitivamente constituido que el luger de un proceso de subjetivacion esencialmente incontrolable e inaccesible a la reflexion: nada mas, excepto por un cuerpo siempre ya (an-arquicamente, escribiria Emmanual Levinas) afectado, cuya insistencia opaca impide a cualquier fase del proceso cerrarse sobre sit Cuerpo anonimo, resistente a la nominacion, en permanente defeccion del campo de lo representable.
She explains that the identities enumerated in her title are not obvious to observers; her subject is the conditions and choices that govern the representations she constructs of herself, and the inadequacy of language to bridge "the gap between what I make visible and what is seen." Truame is interested in the traces of identity that float outside the orbit of identity's pronouncement: "I am concerned with what there is in each of us that is not representable, with creating a space for what is currently unintelligible.
Images were often juxtaposed against the recitation of theoretical texts by such philosophers as Artaud, Baudrillard, Barthes, and Virilio, so that the exhibit encouraged "conceptual explorations" of a reality "no longer securely representable in human or artistic terms" but dependent upon technoscientific knowledge/systems (115).
In particular, we present necessary and sufficient conditions on faithfully representable complex analytic groups to have isomorphic Hopf algebras of representative functions.
The answer lies in Sraffa's suppositions: (a) commodities are produced by commodities, none of which are scarce exogenously determined resources; (b) the relations between commodities, including labor (labor power for Marx) are representable by fixed coefficients; (c) all the sectors of the economy are in complete equilibrium with each other, so that the inputs into each industry and worker's consumption are exactly matched by the output of those industries and workers; (d) consistency of inputs and outputs is sufficient to explain the rate of profit and prices, so that valuation reflects the balance in production.

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