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Chapter 10 is devoted to examining particular kinds of representational subject matters: physical bodies (objects), numerosity, space and time.
Statistically significant differences were not found between the abstract art and abstract representational condition; between the nature art and abstract representational art; and between the control condition and abstract art conditions.
while the other leaves room for de re attitudes lacking such elements in their representational contents.
Many sections read like a catalogue of representational modes, the broader significance of which becomes clear only in a sentence or two at the end.
Species-independent detection of RNA virus by representational difference analysis using non-ribosomal hexanucleotides for reverse transcription.
Turning to representational means of expression, particularly symbolic and Surrealistic, is a tradition connected with hardship and political repression.
The Report arrives at this amount by an analysis of MNA's prior fiscal year expenditures, which provides a detailed allocation of those expenditures between expenditures which are related to MNA's representational activities, and from which the amount charged Objectors is derived, and expenditures which are not or may not be so related.
He introduces the concept of representational spaces to describe generic theories such as the corpuscular theory and the wave theory of light, as a substitute for Kuhn's concept of paradigm, which he finds rather vague and subjective.
This representational idiom rebuts the happy world of network connectivity envisioned by Microsoft or Google with a pestilential mess in which pictures engulf the viewer like sludge.
Memory for the position of a moving target is often displaced in the direction of anticipated motion, and this has been referred to as representational momentum.
In science there is a primary type of representational diagram, engineered to clarify, symbolise and signify function.
The show examines the resurgence of representational painting since the 1960s to depict the world in which we live, highlighting the role of representational paintings in documenting history.

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