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Although 'Other Bodies' (Chapter 4) was written after 'Individualism and the Mental', it marks the beginning of Burge's defense of anti-individualism--the thesis that many representational mental states and events are constitutively what they are partly in virtue of relations between the individual in those states and the physical environment.
Fewer detailed analyses of individual works and expanded interpretations of a few key works would have reinforced Brown's argument about the importance of paying attention to representational modes.
Turning to representational means of expression, particularly symbolic and Surrealistic, is a tradition connected with hardship and political repression.
The Report arrives at this amount by an analysis of MNA's prior fiscal year expenditures, which provides a detailed allocation of those expenditures between expenditures which are related to MNA's representational activities, and from which the amount charged Objectors is derived, and expenditures which are not or may not be so related.
Perhaps seeing two representational potlatches in quick succession in Boston and New York was too much, or maybe it's hard to let go of the Duchampian lesson of understatement.
Because architects think through the end of a pencil, the freehand sketch is still widely used for its quality of immediacy and can transform representational diagraming, be it bubble, composite, flow, system (or any other) into a hybrid type which is both symbolic, sequential and operational.
It isn't a representational image but attitudes toward it border on religious: it shouldn't be flown upside down; it shouldn't be soiled; it shouldn't touch the ground; it should be folded carefully and never crumpled; and allegiance is sworn to it every day in the public schools.
Parrhasios' line, in contrast, was notable for its representational ability: it was the perfect contour, disrupting the surface, trailing into space, and suggesting even what it concealed.
Kramer points out that abstract painting has an "inevitably symbiotic relation to representational art" and that the larger question is "the fate of painting itself.
He identified five nondistinct representational modes: real-world situations, manipulative models, pictures, spoken symbols, and written symbols.
Recently, however, the representational faithfulness of those balance sheets has been questioned.
Even if the representational control this volume celebrates is not always possible, I applaud Bennett, Dickerson, and their contributors for initiating recovery of the Black female body through a great deal of determinism and a " little bit" of refocusing.

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