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Jim's acceptance of Tom's treatment is also consistent, if more complex, and, read representationally, more significant.
the analyst and preparer quoted in Johnson and Schwartz [2002]) make statements consistent with the view that pro forma earnings are more representationally faithful to the underlying economies of the reporting entity--which would make them higher quality than GAAP earnings from the representationally faithfulness perspective.
And how is it possible to reconcile the words of Schiller and Jarno with Schiller's own integrational model of aesthetic Bildung, which finds its most perfect expression in the sculpture of the Juno Ludovisi, itself representationally ambiguous?
With the benefit of hindsight, the ratio based on reported numbers seems more representationally faithful.
As Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez writes, "the contemporary Native American autobiographer must grapple with complex relationships of tribal culture and mainstream culture, which interact representationally in such a way as to leave neither culture unchanged" (1994b, 56-57).
Thus, for these companies the balance sheet may not be representationally faithful.
To do both simultaneously is representationally difficult.
As in so many other contemporary interpretations of Morosina's procession, the event appears to oscillate, materially and representationally, between iterating and reinforcing the values, rank, and power of the nobility, and, on the other hand, resisting and inverting the city's public, civic, male geography.
That is, representationally they strive to convert that liminal "non-space" which the fantastic approaches (and into which Todorov believed it disappeared) into the hectic proliferations of an inevitably textual "zone.
Many agree that natural language is like a knowledge representation system, a mental-level representation (a language of thought), and identify the representationally desirable characteristics of natural language.
So long as "woman" remains substantively filled in, lesbians can representationally position themselves outside of that category, although those representations will have to shift continually to accommodate shifts in the meaning of "woman.
Reliable [right arrow] representationally faithful, precise, complete and unbiased.

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