representative sampling

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Both the G major and D major Haydn concertos are a representative sampling of this underrated composer.
If sand is present in the sewer flow stream, it is usually in violation of local ordinances and presents a problem in enforcement rather than representative sampling.
Any living writer in any language is eligible for the award as long as a representative sampling of his or her work is available in English or French translation.
His statistically representative sampling of 760 circular plots, each 10 meters in diameter, indicates they contain a mean biomass of 4.2 kilograms per square meter (kg/m.sup.2).
Eurofins Scientific, the global leader in food and feed testing, announces the launch of rapidust, the first on-site test system for mycotoxins, including both representative sampling of grain lots and rapid analysis, to provide broader risk protection across the grain industry regarding mycotoxin contaminations.

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