representative sampling

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The study, which surveyed a statistically representative sampling of 231 buildings nationally, found asbestos most common in large, residential apartment buildings: Almost 60 percent of those surveyed contained the carcinogen.
Scheduled to meet for the first time on April 20th, the new board is comprised of a representative sampling of twelve John Galt customers from the manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage industries, and educational organizations.
A representative sampling of the business divisions within the company that can be publicly disclosed include GE Financial Assurance, GE Supply, GE ERC and GE Capital Thailand.
The NODB is a representative sampling of cancer incidence throughout the US.
World War II and the civil rights movement scored highest among a list of 10 events, with 80% of a representative sampling of l,003 adults citing the events as "very important" for children to learn about, according to the study conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide for The History Channel.

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