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We already have a good engagement with Indian schools here but additionally we are now planning to have one particular day in a year (mostly in February) where we can have a representative section of Indian students studying in universities in the UAE and engage with them, organize cultural programmes with the youths, understand their issues and take them up with the Indian government," he added.
It is thus an objective, independent, assessment by a representative section of the financial industry.
The typical way we check the actual dimensions on a PCB is through taking a microsection of a representative section of the trace somewhere on the board.
Representative section of the control spleen is shown in Figure 3A, D, G for comparison.
A representative section of the spleen is shown in Figure 1.
All preclamping biopsies of the left kidneys showed normal parenchyma in both groups as shown in 1 representative section (Fig.
They deemed that the voter had voted for two candidates, which they said spoiled the entire ballot, even though the marking in the state representative section had scribbled marks that only covered part of the oval next to Alicea's name.
To assess the strengths and weaknesses of what is found here, let us turn to a representative section, the one on Virgil (vol.
I think that is a representative section of the British community that the House of Lords could do without.
After completing this phase of the project, the DERA team exploded a representative section of airframe to determine how closely the digital simulation predicted real-world behavior.
Look in the Regional Representative section of the September issue of CACM to find out who to contact to compete in the Scholastic Programming Contest in your region.
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