representative section

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For this purpose is to create and perform in the attempts to extinguish a representative section of the building of 20 m length.
All preclamping biopsies of the left kidneys showed normal parenchyma in both groups as shown in 1 representative section (Fig.
They deemed that the voter had voted for two candidates, which they said spoiled the entire ballot, even though the marking in the state representative section had scribbled marks that only covered part of the oval next to Alicea's name.
To assess the strengths and weaknesses of what is found here, let us turn to a representative section, the one on Virgil (vol.
By show's end, the ensemble, individually and collectively, has completely endeared itself to a representative section of this city's population.
I think that is a representative section of the British community that the House of Lords could do without.
To access Sales Insight Online, investment representatives should log on to the password-protected investment representative section of the web site, go to "Sales Tools," then "Hypotheticals" and click on "Sales Insight Online.
Four representative sections of each planting type (replicates) were harvested by hand and fully characterized.
Representative sections of the tumor were fixed immediately in 10% neutral buffered formalin, processed routinely, and embedded in paraffin.
The mammal section of the society is monitoring populations across representative sections of all the different habitats in the reserve, using the internationally recognised survey techniques of live trapping and release with Longworth traps.
The sagittal portion includes 21 representative sections from the right hemisphere that are 25 micrometers thick and spaced 200 micrometers apart.
Schumann and Amaral used a computer-aided microscopic device to count neurons from representative sections of the amygdala in the preserved brains of 9 males who had been diagnosed with autism and of 10 males who had no psychiatric or developmental disorders.
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