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An individual who stands in the place of another.

With respect to Constitutional Law, a representative is an individual chosen by the electorate to serve as its spokesperson in a legislative body, such as the Senate or House of Representatives.

A Personal Representative is an individual who is named in a will, or appointed by a probate court, to supervise the distribution of property remaining after another individual's death.


1) n. an agent. 2) in probate law, a generic term for an executor or administrator of the estate of person who has died, generally referred to as the "personal representative." 3) adj. typical, as "these pictures are representative of the conditions at the job site."

REPRESENTATIVE. One who represents or is in the place of another.
     2. In legislation, it signifies one who has been elected a member of that branch of the legislature called the house of representatives.
     3. A representative of a deceased person, sometimes called a "personal representative," or legal personal representative," is one who is executor or administrator of the person described. 6 Madd. 159; 5 yes. 402.

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Earlier during the day, Merks and Rere Grupa representatives said that the Corruption Prevention Bureau's officers had arrived at the companies' offices, but later they specified that those were actually representatives from the Competition Council.
In the Greco-Roman wrestling competitions, Azerbaijani representatives Farid Sadikhli will compete with Italian representative Andrea Martino in the qualifying round, and Nihat Mammadli will compete with Polish representative Olivier Skrypczak during the 1/8 final.
The plaintiff in the matter, Philip Undie joined the House of Representatives, Attorney General of the Federation and the All Progressives Congress (APC), along with Gbajabiamila as defendants in the suit.
In case of delay in district elections, the term of the currently elected representatives may be extended up to one year while a non-elected three-member board can also be given control of the cantonments.
Today, the Council appointed Eamon Gilmore as EU Special Representative for Human Rights.
High Representative Valentin Inzko is in Brussels today participating in an event at the European Parliament on the Western Balkans.
Cecil Brockman, North Carolina House of Representatives
According to him, the House of Representatives is operating without rules.
Past Player representatives: Andrew Strauss (former England captain); Mahela Jayawardena (former Sri Lanka captain).
Singapore: The MAS proposed measures to address the risks associated with large scale movement of financial advisory (FA) representatives from one FA firm to another.
8 (BNA): First Deputy Speaker of the Representatives Council Ali Al Aradi inaugurated on behalf of the Representatives Council Speaker today a launching ceremony of the first edition of "Legal Studies" magazine, in the presence of members of the Representatives Council, Secretary General of the Representatives Council Abdullah bin Khalaf Al Dusari, Head of the Representatives Council's Advisory Board Dr.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hummam Hamoudi confirmed the continuation to discuss the issues of the federal budget for 2018 in his office tomorrow, in the presence of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and MPs as representatives of the oil-producing provinces, and liberated areas from terrorism, and representatives of the Kurdistan region in the presence of the Finance Committee.