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Abderraouf Khelil, as general representative for the Benelux
Paper notices will no longer be mailed to POA representatives, but will be emailed if a representative registered in MyFTB and provided his or her email address.
Hamza listened to the views of representatives of higher educational institutions and their remarks regarding the academic accreditation scheme in order to be considered by the General Secretariat in the Council of Higher Education.
Camiguin Representative Xavier Jesus Romualdo administered the Speaker's oath.
Morse, who will become principal at Union Hill in July; the teacher representatives are Rose Mary Ford and Carolan Kasper; the parent representative is Wanda Dominguez; the social service representative is United Way CEO Timothy J.
The House of Representatives has a total of 435 members.
But with each new Congress, there are fewer Senators and Representatives with military service.
The result has been a significant increase in control of accreditation as well as a systematic process for DoD contracting officer representatives (CORs) and DoD contractors.
Taxpayers and representatives who find themselves caught up in the shortened timeframes or without the benefit of adequate time to respond to IDRs and/or Form 5701 should not hesitate to take their concerns up the line to area and/or territory managers, in appropriate circumstances.
Senators John McCain (R AZ) and Russell Feingold (D WI) and Representatives Christopher Shays (R CT) and Martin Meehan (D MA) have introduced legislation to reform the public financing system for presidential elections.
Liaison Meeting with Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy and Other Representatives of the Office of Tax Policy, U.
On June 2, the House of Representatives defeated, by a vote of 63-353, a proposed constitutional amendment (House Joint Resolution 83) that would provide for the appointment of congressmen to fill vacant seats in the event of a national emergency.