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A party of leaden dragoons were galloping along one of the shelves, in equipments and uniform of modern cut; and there were some sugar figures, with no strong resemblance to the humanity of any epoch, but less unsatisfactorily representing our own fashions than those of a hundred years ago.
In textiles the Asian Countries are the major exporting countries and registered a value of US$ 188 bn, representing 59.
Representing Granite Branchburg LLC as the purchaser, Van Houten Group completed the sale of the 118,000 square foot distribution center located at 271 Chambers Brook Road in Branchburg, New Jersey.
On consummation of this proposal and the USDB transaction, BancWest would become the 27th largest depository organization in the United States, with total consolidated assets of $46 billion, and would control deposits of $30 billion, representing less than 1 percent of the total amount of deposits of insured depository institutions in the United States.
Under this proposal, five of the six Council members representing the Valley would be solely accountable to Valley residents and thus to Valley interests, and the sixth Valley district's residents would represent at least 50 percent of the district, also giving them significant political voice.
Would a film representing complex religious commitments be "box office," she asks rhetorically?
Greenspan and Heaner, representing the building and the sub-landlord, again negotiated the 7 year lease for 8,200-sq.
In Virginia, BB&T is the fourth largest commercial banking organization with deposits of $9 billion, representing approximately 8.
In representing the building owner in the lease negotiations, Newman was assisted by JoAnn B.
6 billion, representing approximately 13 percent of total deposits in insured depository institutions in the state ("state deposits").