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To exhibit or expose; to appear in the character of.

When an item is represented, it is produced publicly. To represent an individual means to stand in his or her place, acting as his or her substitute or attorney.

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v. 1) to act as the agent for another. 2) to act as a client's attorney. 3) the state something as a fact, such as "I tell you this horse is only four years old." 4) to allege a fact in court, as "I represent to the court, that we will present six witnesses," "We represent that this is the final contract between the parties." (See: representation)

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TO REPRESENT. To exhibit; to expose before the eyes: to represent a thing is to produce it publicly. Dig. 10, 4, 2, 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A party of leaden dragoons were galloping along one of the shelves, in equipments and uniform of modern cut; and there were some sugar figures, with no strong resemblance to the humanity of any epoch, but less unsatisfactorily representing our own fashions than those of a hundred years ago.
The Premier's Edict stipulated the restructuring the committee chaired by the Minister of Labour and Social Development, with the following membership: 1- Khaled Abdulrahman Ishaq, representing Labour and Social Development Ministry.
In textiles the Asian Countries are the major exporting countries and registered a value of US$ 188 bn, representing 59.9% of total exports and of which China accounted for US$ 112 bn, representing 35.7%.
CB Richard Ellis' Ed Goldman, Derrick Ades and John Feles acted as exclusive leasing agent representing 805 Third Avenue in the Extell, Horizon Media and T&D Asset Management transactions.
On consummation of this proposal and the USDB transaction, BancWest would become the 27th largest depository organization in the United States, with total consolidated assets of $46 billion, and would control deposits of $30 billion, representing less than 1 percent of the total amount of deposits of insured depository institutions in the United States.
Power Play: Batts was part of the legal team representing the American Hospital Association for In re: Resident Physicians Antitrust Litigation, one of the largest antitrust class-action suits ever filed, involving allegations by medical residents that teaching hospitals and medical associations engaged in price-fixing residents' salaries.
Returning to the machining-errors concept, the error factors associated with different processes can be changed and the resultant error patterns displayed (as "whiskers" on a surface with the magnified lengths of each representing the deviation from the nominal surface).
Would a film representing complex religious commitments be "box office," she asks rhetorically?
Gabbard's stated agenda in Representing Jazz is to "place the music much more securely within specific cultural moments" and to concentrate on "jazz myth and jazz culture rather than jazz per se." Gabbard argues that the introduction of new methodologies into the fields of rock music and cinema studies have shown how these practices operate within "a huge industry and a highly conventionalized sign system." Jazz is open to similar inquiry, through the use of contemporary theory.
"It's a new model of computation-a new way of representing information using DNA," says graduate student Sam T.
A major reason the P-WE fit concept has been excluded in computerized job-matching software may be due to the difficulties of representing P-WE similarities among occupations systematically and efficiently in a software program.
Representing Granite Branchburg LLC as the purchaser, Van Houten Group completed the sale of the 118,000 square foot distribution center located at 271 Chambers Brook Road in Branchburg, New Jersey.