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We learn to repress them because they are the antithesis of what it means to be masculine.
Anderson acknowledged that his findings don't prove or disprove claims of repressed or recovered memories associated with emotional experiences, and he said more research is needed to determine if the same mechanism that helped research subjects block their memory of random, neutral words also helps repress traumatic memories.
Faulkner: The Return of the Repressed (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1997).
While the Egyptian Brotherhood experienced violent clashes with President Abd al-Nasser and has been repressed by Presidents Sadat and Mubarak, the Jordanian movement has enjoyed a relatively cordial and cooperative relationship with the Hashemite monarchy.
Behind the American Adam, Boker finds a legacy of mother-loss, father-hunger, repressed grief, repressed femininity, and persistent adolescent idealism that helped to create some of America's greatest fiction, but at a very real emotional and psychological cost.
(Right now, some quarters are trying to dilute the spirit of Edsa as they also repress our democracy.)
Summary: Rabat - The Moroccan NGO of Sahrawi Tribes in France deplored the "barbaric" methods used by the Algerian authorities to repress the peaceful demonstrations, staged last Tuesday by the inhabitants of the region of Kabylia (North-East of Algeria).
Entitled "The Persecution of the Christian Churches," the installment outlined the Nazi plan to repress and ultimately abolish Christianity in order to establish a national religion devoted to the Reich.
"I never forgot this memory, nor did I repress it," she told a colleague years later, "and even though it affected me deeply, I chose to leave it in my past.
He also explores how people forget things and sometimes repress memories.
However, I hav e to question any movement that seeks to repress the display of 'In God We Trust' posters but strikes a free-speech pose when it comes to protecting children from potentially inappropriate Web content."