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But he wished to repress outward signs, and only Dorothea could discern the changes in her husband's face before he observed with more of dignified bending and sing-song than usual--
Bududreen could scarce repress a smile--it was indeed too splendid to be true.
All people of broad, strong sense have an instinctive repugnance to the men of maxims; because such people early discern that the mysterious complexity of our life is not to be embraced by maxims, and that to lace ourselves up in formulas of that sort is to repress all the divine promptings and inspirations that spring from growing insight and sympathy.
We can repress feelings and see them erupt in sometimes catastrophic explosions; or, we can emote voluminously, expressing rage, driving away friends and relatives, and shutting ourselves out of professional advancement opportunities.
President Barack Obama told Syria on Friday that its bloody crackdown on protesters "must come to an end now" and accused Damascus of seeking Iranian help to repress its people.
Summary: Rabat - The Moroccan NGO of Sahrawi Tribes in France deplored the "barbaric" methods used by the Algerian authorities to repress the peaceful demonstrations, staged last Tuesday by the inhabitants of the region of Kabylia (North-East of Algeria).
The mind does not like terrible things, so it will often repress them.
It could certainly stupefy a soldier, but it's very doubtful it could repress his sexual desire.
Her mother also lives with magical power, but has long since learned to repress it.
They fiercely repress the threat to their sense of manhood posed by racist humiliations beneath an increasingly rigid facade of ideal masculinity.
Stressing that true Christianity aims to redeem sexuality, not repress it, Purity of Heart points the way to redemption of the body through Jesus Christ, warns against "legalized sin" and the slippery slope of ignoring or minimizing the repercussions of adultery, the importance of honoring the body, the task of building a culture of purity, and much more.
Unable to repress her curiosity, Una searches for the source of the light flash and unexpectedly falls into a strange land filled with unusual characters and considerable danger