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Furthermore, by just turning the tables and dethroning the self, simply repressing it without reconstructing it, Barth may overlook how the now-hidden powers of the self continue to influence our key images and basic concepts.
The Romans had a healthy, even humorous regard for sex, the Victorians, repressing more than repressed, saw it as decadent.
In an attempt to deal with these experiences, the victim was able to produce an altered or dissociated state of consciousness, successfully repressing the frightening events from conscious memory, but causing hysterical symptoms.
But how we do so - repressing the memory until it fades to dullness or confronting it and working toward some definitive sense of what, if anything, happened between Broaddrick and Clinton - will speak volumes about our own moral lives and how long the episode haunts our country.
Repressing his grief over his self-willed orphanhood, the American Adam wanders through the wilderness of Mother Nature in search of his lost father.