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Reprints Desk is honored to have been selected as the sole supplier entrusted with managing reprints for JAMA and other AMA journals whose brands are respected worldwide for their excellence, integrity, and leadership," said Peter Derycz, President and Chief Executive Officer at Reprints Desk.
Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class, with an introduction by Robert Lekachman (1899; reprint, New York, 1979), 80-82.
Publishers will sell reprints to a company when they sell an ad, or when the company is excited about having an article done on them in a magazine," he says.
Goebel did not reprint that index, presumably because he compiled his own subject index to all of Conring's works in volume 7 of the Opera.
BRAVO is entirely web-based and allows companies to easily aggregate orders for reprints and eprints of the same article across the enterprise in order to drive down acquisition costs.
The Sweet Flypaper of Life by Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes Howard University Press reprint edition, November 1984, $37.
Distributed at all the Campari-themed experiences is REPRINT -- a Campari Press printed compilation of distinctive, artist-made magazines from around the world.
CAAT works by enabling reprint requestors to notify peers of compelling journal articles once they have been identified and approved for promotional use.
It is also much faster now to reprint documents for customers.
LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Reprints Desk, a wholly owned subsidiary of Research Solutions (OTCBB: RSSS), announced today the launch of a new compliance software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for medical marketers.
The publishers--American Institute of Physics, Haworth Press, and Taylor & Francis--are using Rightslink to make it easy for individuals and organizations to obtain reprints and copyright permissions online.
today released SwiftReprint(TM), a new PCL workflow tool that quickly extracts accurate, portable PCL pages from larger PCL files, reprints selected parts of large print jobs, and lets anyone mark up without altering the original PCL.