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When in doubt as to whether a reprint or citation for it has been previously recorded, the entry appears without a bullet point and has not been counted as a new reprint in the totals following the story or in the overall total of 382 reprints.
McGill has a very fine chapter on his trip to America in 1842, and describes just how badly he misunderstood Yankee attitudes toward cheap literature and the perceived American right to reprint anything and everything in sight.
Online reprint sales may not float a news Web site, but they do represent an interesting new revenue stream -- and a way to reduce resources devoted to selling reprints the "old-fashioned" way, and gain insight into how people use your publication's content.
Intimidated as I was by so many notables crammed into an 8' x 8' room, you can understand why I nearly toppled a bookcase full of reprint folders in my enthusiasm when Cross Currents associate editor and contributor, Eugene Fontinell (#56, #56a, #375), visited the editorial offices and wanted to see the infamous Reprint Room.
The cost for the use of Real Estate Weekly's copyright and permission for readers to make their own reprints of articles is $175.
By this I mean that reprints of original articles by various authors are utilized in the chapters.
When Griswold decided to specialize, he remembered Ruzic's reprints and the potential they offered.
Yet, despite Whitman's disclaimer, his ultimate decision to include these "pieces in early youth" in Collect and, therefore, to reprint and to preserve them for posterity does constitute a reclaiming of this early fiction.
This reprint offers an intriguing window into Wright's historical investigation of Jesus of Nazareth.
It includes iGopyright Publisher Central, a suite of Web-based tools and services that enables publishers to manage their online licensing and reprints business; Reprint Central, which allows reprint providers to receive and process sales leads through the Instant Clearance Service; and iCopyright Clip and Copy, the only news-clipping service that returns results that can be instantly licensed for reuse.
16] Such wisdom comes too late for Thomas Watson, now that his mistress's singing has maddened him with love: "Through musicks helpe loue hath increast his might, / I stoppe mine eares as wise Vlisses bad, / But all too late, now loue hath made me mad" (B2v; reprint, 26).