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Some entries include annotations intended to document specific features of a short story, such as the reprinting of particular concluding sentences or the presence or absence of illustrations.
The Yazoo City Whig credits the Aristidean as the source of its reprinting of "Shirval" by including the attribution of "[Aristidean" after the story.
The Court's view was that all publications belonged to the reading public, and that only under certain and very special circumstances would an author's work be safeguarded from reprinting for a limited number of years.
Other important discoveries include: the earliest known reprinting of the other tale embedded within Franklin Evans--later titled "The Death of Wind-Foot"--in the February 1, 1843, edition of the Wiskonsan Enquirer, where it was published as "The Unrelenting"; the earliest version of the story that would later be titled "The-Boy Lover" in The New Mirror in December 1843, where it was published as "The Love of the Four Students: A Chronicle of New York"; and what are, at this time, the only known reprints of "Bervance, or Father and Son" to be published in nineteenth century American periodicals.
For example, while some short stories are traced through reprintings (including the posthumous Langston Hughes: Short Stories), Simple stories are not traced to the posthumous The Return of Simple.