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REPRISES. The deductions and payments out of lands, annuities, and the like, are called reprises, because they are taken back; when we speak of the clear yearly value of an estate, we say it is worth so much a year ultra reprises, besides all reprises.
     2. In Pennsylvania, lands are not to be sold when the rents can pay the encumbrances in seven years, beyond all reprises.

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It wasn't revealed why Arkin isn't able to reprise his "Will & Grace" character.
For seven days, Reprise Hosting will double hard drive and memory quotas on all cheap dedicated server plans as well as virtual private server plans.
Reprise Hosting is a hosting provider based out of Seattle, Washington specializing in cheap dedicated servers and cPanel vps hosting.
Une rencontre tuniso-libyenne a ete egalement tenue pour examiner la solution permettant la reprise des activites commerciales a travers Ras Jedir.
Nous demandons instamment au Nord d'arreter d'emettre des demandes aussi incomprehensibles et de faire des choix judicieux, comme nous l'y avons encourage a plusieurs reprises.
Les deux pays avaient donne directives aux entreprises petrolieres de se preparer pour la reprise de l'exportation du petrole sud-soudanais.
Mortgage Cadence Reprise offers features to meet all of the requirements, allowing servicers to remove manual and inefficient processes in order to stay competitive in a constantly changing industry, according to the company.
to reprise his role, even though the filming began in March (09).
Reprise is undergoing a rebirth, and new artistic director Jason Alexander is the midwife.
During Abramovic's reprise of The Conditioning (the first of a three-part performance executed by Gina Pane in Paris in 1973), audience members swooned and brought flowers to the stage as the artist lay on an iron bed, her body only inches above burning candles.
This column is in large part a reprise of the first article for the Talking About Training series, that I began for this publication about four years ago.
A reprise of waking neural activity during slow-wave sleep--the longest sleep stage in rats and people--promotes recall of novel experiences, the scientists propose.