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However, there are as yet no efficacious interventions for communication of reproach and apology.
Is he capable of being like Caesar's wife, above reproach, considering the political and personal allegiance constraints he still intends to hang on to?
His wish, and it should the wish of all who care about the integrity of the Welsh Assembly, is that it should be beyond reproach and the people whose privilege it is to sit inside it, should command the respect of the electorate.
Jesus, ever the gracious guest: His reproach, "Martha, Martha," is not a rebuke meant to discount her gift or refuse her repast but an invitation--right hand open--to draw her away from her worry and toward a restful heart.
These lying cheats need to know that they are not beyond reproach and it is thanks to you that we will not be kept in the dark.
Whether they're the last American Boy Scout or Girl Scout, I really think that the risk manager has to step up and fill that gap--risk managers need to be above reproach.
The material was, of course, beyond reproach and the performances were assured.
Noun stigma signifies "A mark or token of infamy, disgrace, or reproach.
Ironic, however, that these wise words came from a player who has no need to reproach himself for his own efforts throughout Liverpool's dismal run.
Such scorched-earth tactics have led a few trial lawyers to reproach their colleagues.
Restoration of the church rendered the Nikolaisaal redundant and, considering its existence a standing reproach, the town council decided to pull it down and construct a concert hall in its place.
As we investigate vacation spots in the United Kingdom--the UK having demonstrated its unswerving support in America's war on terrorism--we can't help thinking how the conduct of the Brits stands as an eloquent reproach to the French.