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Second, and this would be reproachable, that in the name of said intelligence care is disdained and nurses consider themselves worthy of something higher or better, guided by the affirmation that "basic care in a nonessential component of the nursing knowledge and practice" and, consequently, nurses "act as supervisors and consider said care as a function of laborers with less skills, (17) which results in the absence of nurses in direct care and scarce professional visibility.
Collusion constitutes of all conducts breaching competition the most reproachable, the most serious, because it entails the coordination of a competitive behavior of the companies.
That vulnerability is certainly demonstrated in Broke, even if, from the outset, BK appears entirely reproachable and self-centred.
If that's indeed the case, it's absolutely reproachable in my opinion," Pohl said on June 1 when she spoke to reporters at the site of the leak.
Acknowledging that commodification prevails in society and that business sectors appropriate our cultures, identities, and desires in the process does not mean, however, that commodification is always reproachable. Nor does it mean that the process of commodification is unilateral--that is, from producers to consumers, as Marx claimed.
In his criticism of the leaders of Athens Socrates distinguished between ignorance and what he termed 'reproachable ignorance,' when a leader is aware of his or her ignorance but refuses to attempt to remedy it.
Firstly, with respect to the presence of women in the advertisement, it is stated, on behalf of the self-discipline system, that the sensuality of women is a common advertising resource that is not reproachable per se, although it is reproachable when it is accompanied by other factors that make it ethically questionable and could even get to the point of undermining women.
one's conduct is reproachable. (94) But it is likely more useful to
In other words, in some Verses of Quran, liability is based on fault measuring liability for reproachable acts, that is, in this legal system, any act and conduct of any person is calculated and evaluated so exactly that any act receives a proportional reaction and, on Resurrection Day, each human being will be accountable for what he has done during his lifetime.
Many people call it "democratization" or "something socially accepted", aiming at making a heinous and reproachable attitude seem moral and licit.
De Kock was less omnipresent then but also less reproachable.
to arouse our city from its deathlike apathy, from its reproachable lethargy, from its slumber of industrial and social death': The 1939 St.