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Cultivating a taste for "new ways of kissing" (66), she abundantly offers kisses (Campbell reproachfully asks: "How many men have you not already kissed, even since you've been here?
Afterwards, affectionately and reproachfully, she says to her husband that "Maybe some people aren't so comfortable with themselves" (Gilead 154)--almost a paraphrase of Glory's thought that Jack sees his family as "native to their life" in a way he is not and cannot be.
August 5, 1881), and he reproachfully asked Fanny Comforth (now Fanny Shotts) "Why did you not come yesterday evening?
From the campaign placards pasted to the posts of the broken street lights, during our bumpy ride into the reproachfully silent city.
The girl clicks her tongue when she leads me up--shaking her head reproachfully at the little pools of water and leaf-trash from the morning's rain.
In the series of arguments promoting the elimination of prostitution, prostitutes' children are reproachfully cited.
The Cairo Security Department spokesman stated reproachfully that this task should have been undertaken years ago " and regularly " by the municipality.
In "The Wayside Calvary" Owen Seaman reproachfully wished the Kaiser could see the battlefield cross to realize the gulf of ideas between "Him who died that men might live--and you / Who live that men may die" (15-16, in Cunliffe).
Lazarescu out of the blue, and almost reproachfully, to Mioara).
The shadows of the city declined to provide an answer, keeping quiet, as usual, Pereda thought reproachfully.
She said to me rather reproachfully, "Va a dormir solo?
When you are in the proper condition you may return," said the nun gently and reproachfully.