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He looked at the other reproachfully, tears oozing into his eyes and down his cheeks.
Oh," she added reproachfully, turning to Matthew, "why didn't you tell me at the station that you didn't want me and leave me there?
I presented Rouletabille as a good friend of mine, but, as soon as he learnt that the young man was a journalist, he looked at me very reproachfully, excused himself, under the necessity of having to reach Epinay in twenty minutes, bowed, and whipped up his horse.
While they were saying this, Laska, with ears pricked up, was looking upwards at the sky, and reproachfully at them.
I turned sick at heart when the question occurred to me, and when I felt self- reproachfully that it was asked too late.
These political Islamist politicians, who define ISIL as a pack of "rightfully enraged youths" and refrain from condemning ISIL's brutal beheading shows, only reproachfully saying, "A Muslim should not do this to another Muslim," would naturally not see ISIL as an enemy that would occupy the Turkish consulate and take our diplomats and their families hostages.
He looked at me reproachfully, even a little angrily, when I said I had not.
She just sat, arms firmly folded, looking at me reproachfully, her bottom lip in the biggest pout you've ever seen.
The huge mullet he held up seemed to be looking reproachfully at me with its dead eye, as if to say: "Never, Englishman, question the freshness of Nikos's fish.
For instance, America seems to have stopped shaking its finger at Ukraine reproachfully, and Obama just possibly is pondering whether we might lose Ukraine with our political jaunts.
Here she moves from reproach to pity: "The lady in the mirror gazed at the lady in the room, reproachfully at first, then--for were they not sisters?
b) staring reproachfully when they rise like meer-kats and start to screech, so tricking fellow-flyers into thinking the child belongs to someone else;