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The elect are not chosen because God foresees they will be good, nor the reprobate rejected because God foresees they will be wicked; such an assertion would make salvation the result of works, not grace.
He has some hard and sensible things to say about them in the early going--for instance, about their sexuality--for he sees them as initially reprobates and delinquents, prodigals and courtiers and "roaring boys" whose "real legacy consisted in not quite conforming to type," initially, privileged outlaws.
THE chubby-cheeked American kid on US comedy Two and a Half Men might possibly be one of the most unappealing youngsters on telly, but Charlie Sheen is perfect as young Jake's reprobate uncle.
Am I listed on some suspect reprobate database, as well?
With the help of her father, a jolly, drunken reprobate, the three undertake this foolhardy scheme, pursued by a corrupt judge.
The uncertainty of a middle-aged agnostic reprobate.
With Farquhar, you pick a century and choose your reprobate.
News of her reprobate brother's demise in a drunken fall further convinces her that the "family curse" means this year will be her last; bracing for the inevitable, she quits her job and refuses to leave bed for weeks on end.
indication of the dramatic intensity of the reprobate predicament.
Some folks think the president is a piggish reprobate who lacks "the moral authority" to lead the nation; others agree that Bill made a foolish, distasteful error in judgment, but don't understand what all the fuss is about.
Try the conjunction and where the comma would go: yellow and wood-frame house, old and gray mare, charming and young reprobate.