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REPROBATION, eccl. law. The propounding exceptions either against facts, persons or things; as, to allege that certain deeds or instruments have not been duly and lawfully executed; or that certain persons are such that they are incompetent as witnesses; or that certain things ought not for legal reasons to be admitted.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A Yale graduate, a transplanted son of Texas, a one time drunk and a born-again Christian - how did this improbable person transform himself from reprobate and renowned black sheep of his esteemed family into leader of the free world?
The characters of reprobate kids were developed to become proper rounded people and the jokes were even sicker than usual
There is the laconic Clairee (Sandra Tudor) and there is Ouiser, a bit of an old reprobate, characterfully presented by Jan Young.
BOLTON reprobate El-Hadji Diouf landed himself in more trouble with the law this week when he was arrested for drinkdriving.
REPROBATE: noun - a depraved person, a scoundrel Modern day examples include Steve Johnson, the slimeball exboyfriend of Charlotte Church who has written a sordid kiss and tell book, including intimate details of their sex lives and wild allegations of alleged drug taking (see also: parasite, pathetic, and scumbag).
Alicia's parents, Anthony and Joan Eborne, from Corntown, Devon, said in a statement after the case, 'We sincerely believe and hope this reprobate should never be allowed into society again to cause this degree of pain and suffering to another family.'
IAN Paisley's DUP looked set to become the biggest party in the North last night - and his first act was to call the Taoiseach a "dirty reprobate".
As with any booze-fuelled custom, Prince Harry takes centre stage, Power offering 20-1 the royal reprobate is caught snorting char lie - the illicit white powder, not his dad - or 100-1 he attends the function with something offensive on his arm a swastika, not the Duke of Edinburgh.
And during a walkabout he jokingly called 23-year-old Stratford local Matthew Bell, a "reprobate" because of his red-tinged Mohican hairstyle.
Nigel Robson as Laca and Peter Wedd as the reprobate Steval were well cast as the two men in Jenufa's life.
Yes, tuned into the first episode of I'm A Reprobate, I Belong In Here.