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27) The point, then, is not that there was one group of people who were identified as reprobates by everyone else but that the cultural signs of reprobation were varied and relative; or to adapt Patrick Collinson's famous phrase: reprobates were half of a stressful relationship.
The Reprobates, a passionate blues-rock band from Winchendon, has received accolades from blues greats such as Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, John Lee Hooker and Robert Lockwood.
Perhaps his title is a bit misleading because Stubbs could be said to "un-reprobate" these reprobates over the course of his long presentation.
But if there is little that is positively "new" here, it would be hard to think of any other single work that contains so much, and so much of such high interest to the student or even the common reader, so engagingly woven together and driven along with such narrative elan as John Stubbs has compiled between the covers of his Reprobates.
I would recommend going to Toronto to anyone, but perhaps not with 24 reprobates from Aberdare
Skateboard king and Jackass star Bam - one of the more likeable of that bunch of hilarious reprobates - brings us two more seasons of his great MTV spin-off show.
I look forward to entertaining John Duckers, Andrew Sparrow, John James, Andy Skinner and all the other Moseley reprobates at Fortress Butts where the welcome will be nearly as warm as the Coventry squad will be giving the visitors in the scrum.
A corollary principle implicitly endorsed by President Bush is that an increasing amount of our foreign aid, or ODA, will be channeled through the UN, thus providing the UN's reprobates and tyrants with the enormous and growing revenue stream that they have always coveted.
Let's hope the police catch the mindless reprobates who have nothing better 2 do.
Landlord Ken, played by John Henshaw, returns with his assortment of reprobates and regulars who prop up his bar.
Things actually have gotten better, and not just because we are no longer pictured exclusively as wretched suicides and guilt-ridden reprobates.