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REPROBATION, eccl. law. The propounding exceptions either against facts, persons or things; as, to allege that certain deeds or instruments have not been duly and lawfully executed; or that certain persons are such that they are incompetent as witnesses; or that certain things ought not for legal reasons to be admitted.

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SOC-30 Punishment/Coercion and SOC-30 Reprobation correlated best (and negatively) with PSI Autonomy-granting.
Leading theatergoers through a series of interpretive bait-and-switches, the play disrupts the common practice of making assumptions on cultural grounds as to the election or reprobation of one's own or another's unknowable soul.
Facebook fait face a un mouvement de reprobation de ses utilisateurs apres les revelations par Edward Snowden, ex-consultant de la toute puissante agence de surveillance electronique americaine NSA , selon lesquelles le reseau social figurait parmi les neuf geants d'internet ayant fourni des donnees personnelles dans le cadre de son programme d'espionnage PRISM.
But it is too clear for dispute that the enslaved African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration, for if the language, as understood in that day, would embrace them, the conduct of the distinguished men who framed the Declaration of Independence would have been utterly and flagrantly inconsistent with the principles they asserted, and instead of the sympathy of mankind to which they so confidently appealed, they would have deserved and received universal rebuke and reprobation.
He eats with tax-collectors and sinners earning the reprobation of the religious elite (Mk 2:15; Lk 15:1-2).
President Obama has already indirectly informed the newly re-elected Benjamin Netanyahu that if the Israelis really wish to forcibly impose apartheid upon the Palestinians, they can go ahead and earn world reprobation and isolation on their own responsibility.
Yet Rao is as critical of unrestrained forms of communitarianism and pluralism, which, he reminds us, has allowed some leaders in developing countries--such as Idi Amin in Uganda--to slaughter his citizens without suffering reprobation from fellow leaders.
identification/sociodemographic characteristics (name, birth date, address, phone number, gender, skin color, reprobation history, household and family characteristics),
Indeed it generated unanimous reprobation that escalated into unprecedented violence.
Specifically, he warns against the doctrine of supra-lapsarianism, which holds that God's decrees of election and reprobation precede the decree of creation and the decree to permit the fall.
Furthermore, many of those Christians who remained serious about otherwordly salvation had jettisoned the Calvinistic emphasis on predestination (the idea that God has already selected who would be saved or damned regardless of their moral behaviour) in favour of the doctrine (Arminianism) that they could be saved by good works and upright conduct: they believed they had a hand in their own election or reprobation and therefore rejected the conventional Calvinistic doctrine of humanity as hopelessly immoral.
1974); and the First Lebanon War produced Alain Finkielkraut's La Reprobation d'Israel (1983) and Paul Grosser's and Edwin Halperin's Anti-Semitism (1983).