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REPROBATION, eccl. law. The propounding exceptions either against facts, persons or things; as, to allege that certain deeds or instruments have not been duly and lawfully executed; or that certain persons are such that they are incompetent as witnesses; or that certain things ought not for legal reasons to be admitted.

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Flora continued to fix me with her small mask of reprobation, and even at that minute I prayed God to forgive me for seeming to see that, as she stood there holding tight to our friend's dress, her incomparable childish beauty had suddenly failed, had quite vanished.
He didn't try to conceal his physical disgust, because he believed it to be a purely moral reprobation of every unreserve, of anything in the nature of a scene.
Was it outside the house at present ockypied, to its disgrace, by that minion of fortune and worm of the hour,' said Wegg, falling back upon his strongest terms of reprobation, and slapping the counter, 'that I, Silas Wegg, five hundred times the man he ever was, sat in all weathers, waiting for a errand or a customer?
Ogg's who made a show without money to support it, and he had always heard such people spoken of by his own friends with contempt and reprobation.
Hence, the Thomistic notion of the order of creation as a whole being the supreme good for which all its parts are ordained is maintained (but negative reprobation is not included as integral to such a design), and Aquinas's famous position that the damned "are not punished .
Hence, for Balthasar there is a dialectical struggle between the loving self-surrender of Son to Father, on the one hand, and the "second death" or reprobation that man brings upon himself in rejecting such--the latter is the hell into which Christ descends in order to reveal the solidarity of God with the godless.
2011) ("[P]unishment is a conventional device for the expression of attitudes of resentment and indignation, and of judgments of disapproval and reprobation, either on the part of the punishing authority himself or of those 'in whose name' the punishment is inflicted.
If, therefore, the loud clamors against the plan of the convention, on this score, are well founded, no epithets of reprobation will be too strong for the constitution of this State.
On notera egalement l'implication, non sans rejouissance, dans cette marche, d'une nuee d'enfants qui tenait le geant etendard palestinien, ainsi qu'un essaim de femmes de tous ages, brandissant des ecriteaux de reprobation contre les arnaques sionistes.
It is improper to make a presentment using words of censure or reprobation so that a public official or any other person is impugned or embarrassed, unless you return a "true bill.
For many opponents of Charles 1, playing conjured specters of royalist reprobation and the threat of counter-revolution: for the king's partisans, it evoked a period of idealistic calm before the parliamentary storm and provided an icon of solidarity.
Concentrating these broader tropes of indeterminacy in a specific language of grace and reprobation, Measure for Measure investigates predestinarian theology and its attendant forms of cultural judgment as an epistemological problem.