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sententiando indifferentamente quell' anime che se offeressero con violenza corpi forzati e quelle che fur dedicate al suo culto, come inosservante e destrutrici degli ordeni claustrali e come reprobe figliole e seguacci di Sattanasso, non de' lor fondattori, la cancellera dal libro della vitta, disheredando gli empi padri insieme con elle .
The plea for reprobe was filed by Zytoona Begum in October 2010, alleging that the security forces had killed her son Mohammad Abdullah Bhat in cold blood and passed him off as militant commander Mohidin Rabbani alias Mateen Chacha.
Additionally, the need to strip and reprobe blots for subsequent detection of other proteins is eliminated, which minimizes protein loss and results in shorter assay times and higher data integrity.
The fearsome and boastful giant from folklore named Reprobe, who wishes simply to serve the strongest master, follows first a king, then the devil himself, before converting from classical paganism and, baptized Christofle, carries the burdens of the world across a dangerous river with the Christ child on his shoulder.
The ~1-kb fragment was used to reprobe the nylon membranes used for IS1548 RFLP analysis.