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The cells in a cancer can actually become less mature over time - it is thought that multiple reproduction results in more of the genetic information in the cell becoming lost, making the cells more primitive but able to reproduce quickly and haphazardly.
In fact, the mission of the BE summer internship program is to reproduce for each class of young professionals the day-to-day work experience and commitment to professional excellence that is at the core of our corporate culture.
Music was a vital part of human culture Long before anyone was able to mass reproduce and sell recordings of it.
While the darker Ebano series reproduces natural brown to grey tones.
The microscopic creatures begin to behave like swarms, reproduce, hunt, and invade their creators.
By allowing dwarf mistletoe to grow and create witches' brooms, we are helping a whole community of living things survive and reproduce.
The experiment suggests the skill difference between a master reader who can easily reproduce the 16 letters of "the cat is on the mat" and a beginning reader who has trouble reproducing the same letters: t-h-e-c-a-t-i-s-o-n-t-h-e-m-a-t.
For lines with no Qumran readings, does one just reproduce the Masoretic Text, or does one reproduce the Septuagint?
When a company has to reproduce its employee e-mails for months or years, it could have a pile of paper close to the size of Chicago's Sears Tower, said Robert Hammesfahr, an attorney with Cozen O'Connor
Then we can also characterize any uncertainties, so we can provide industry with materials with certain clearly specified uncertainties, materials we can reproduce in a controlled fashion." He adds, "We don't want to try to measure everything under the sun, but will instead focus on more relevant physical and chemical parameters that will clearly be of value to industry."
The currently available anti-HIV drugs work by blocking HIV replication--interfering with the ability of HIV to reproduce. Initially, anti-HIV drugs were approved for wide-scale use based on their ability to prolong life.