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Active Dynamic Range Expander (Active DRE) reproduces a crisp, contrastive picture quality.
Music was a vital part of human culture Long before anyone was able to mass reproduce and sell recordings of it.
While the darker Ebano series reproduces natural brown to grey tones.
Crichton has moved from the ghastly gigantic predators of Jurassic Park to even more frightening predators--sub-micro nanobeasties who reproduce, menace, and evolve with stunning rapidity Wilson capably narrates the harrowing scientific tale in a careful, sane, reasonable tone that leaves the listener in excruciating suspense.
As mistletoe grows and reproduces, the shoots, flowers, and berries provide food for a variety of creatures.
Expert readers can easily reproduce the 16 letters, not because the letters are individually remembered, but because they are reconstructed from previous knowledge of written English.
Traditionally, a species is a group of organisms that share at least one unique characteristic, can interbreed to produce fertile offspring, and rarely reproduce with organisms of another species.
The currently available anti-HIV drugs work by blocking HIV replication--interfering with the ability of HIV to reproduce.
Cohen, in "Cloning Hearing Moves Congress toward a Ban," (HCR, May-June 2001) states that "the Supreme Court has never recognized an affirmative right to reproduce by anyone by any means .
We thanks Alicia Produce for permission to reproduces images from Julio Medem's Lovers of the Arctic Circle; Las Producciones del Escorpion for permission to reproduce images from Alejandro Amenabar's Tesis; Alta Films for permission to reproduce images from Iciar Bollain's Flowers From Another World; Lola Films for permission to reproduce images from Alex de Ia Iglesia's Dying of Laughter; El Deseo S.
For almost a year, the young choreographer Sergei Vikharev studied these materials closely in order to reproduce the dance sequences and the pantomime, the arcane language of gestures and facial expressions.
During an IRS examination, the taxpayer must be able to retrieve and reproduce electronically stored and machine-sensible books and records (including hard copies, if requested).