reproduce rapidly

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Its also easier to observe and study changes in the age and lifespans between different generations of animals that reproduce rapidly, and genetic changes that prolong lifespans are frequently easier to detect in such animals.
Unfortunately, as bacteria are able to reproduce rapidly, this gives them the advantage to also adapt to their surrounding environments rapidly; therefore, when we constantly expose bacteria to antibiotics, they start developing resistance.
They reproduce rapidly, eat voraciously and have no natural predators here.
DUBAI: It is considered one of the world's most dangerous pests due to its ability to reproduce rapidly, fly vast distances and devastate crops.
The ticks can reproduce rapidly and suck so much blood from a young animal that it dies, The Times reported.
Once inside, the oocysts release sporozites that invade the cells of the intestinal lining, where they reproduce rapidly and cause destruction of those cells.
Whitetails have the ability to reproduce rapidly and herds have been known to fully repopulate in just a few years after an EHD outbreak.
Houseflies reproduce rapidly; the current school of thought is that one pair of houseflies would have over 500,000 descendants over a six-year period, though not all would survive.
For one thing, the fish can reproduce rapidly A single female can release 2 million eggs per year.
reproduce rapidly, learn to evade hunters, and for all intents and purposes are impossible to eradicate.
Although more of a chemical than a living creature, a coronavirus has an irrepressible drive to reproduce rapidly and without limit within the body of a host animal.
Flies are inexpensive to care for and reproduce rapidly, allowing for several generations to be studied in just a few months.