reproduce rapidly

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These pests reproduce rapidly, with each female laying up to 1000 eggs within 2 weeks.
Whitetails have the ability to reproduce rapidly and herds have been known to fully repopulate in just a few years after an EHD outbreak.
reproduce rapidly, learn to evade hunters, and for all intents and purposes are impossible to eradicate.
Flies are inexpensive to care for and reproduce rapidly, allowing for several generations to be studied in just a few months.
Once ingested, these troublesome creatures, which reproduce rapidly, can seriously compromise the health of their hosts.
As energy is vital for an effective immune response, corals that utilise energy to grow and reproduce rapidly have less to spare for their immune response," she added.
Although more of a chemical than a creature, it has an irrepressible drive to reproduce rapidly and without limit in the body of a host animal.
6) Slow-growing, slow-maturing fish that are vulnerable to overfishing because they don't reproduce rapidly.
Since they reproduce rapidly, there is no shortage, and wild-caught shrimp are clearly the healthiest way to enjoy these succulent crustaceans.
They eat voraciously, starving out native fish, and they reproduce rapidly.
These 20-pound rat-tailed rodents reproduce rapidly and could easily be the evil, fuzzy demons in a horror show, so don't feel too bad about taking a few of them out.
Cardiff Harbour Authority said the pests, probably introduced by a visiting boat, reproduce rapidly and have caused major problems in the USA and Canada.