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the Punjab Agriculture College and Research Institute, Lyallpur4 (Faisalabad) upon its independence in 1947.There was no appropriate arrangement of variety registration and enrollment; these varieties were just given over by reproducers to the common farming office.5
Measure of treatments effect in the number and condition of the litter reproducer females with treatment (LIT and SSS) Numbers young Numbers young the Females the Females treatment with LIT treatment with SSS 1a 2a 1a 2a Paarturition Parturition Parturition Parturition 10 8 -- -- 7 8 6 4 8 8 6 10 10 8 -- -- 12 10 -- -- 2 11 9 8 8 10 -- -- 7 9 -- -- 4 11 Table 6.
Given that the transformation of a firm "involves a major change in an organization over time and represents a substantial variation, planned or unplanned, that has been selected and retained" (Aldrich, 1999:194), the presence of successful small e-firms is crucial to both reproducers and innovators.
Thus, most nascent entrepreneurs start as small reproducers and not as innovators.
Effectively, women in North Korea have multiple jobs as producer, reproducer, and child-educator (see Halliday 1985).
As noted above, 12 of the critical subsystems (including the two dual subsystems, the boundary and the reproducer), process information.
Reducing one's identity to being a mother is one's willing self-exclusion from the symbolic realm, one's willing self-relegation to being the reproducer of society, never its agent, never its political subject: "In a sense we need to say goodbye to maternal omnipotence (the last refuge) and establish a woman-to-woman relationship of reciprocity with our mothers, in which they might possibly also feel themselves to be our daughters" (Whitford 1991: 50).
For playback, the mouthpiece was replaced by a 'reproducer' that was more sensitive.
All of this is to say that the new RTS-9 is an excellent reproducer of mid-range sound.
The GSR is also an efficient ground reproducer for a variety of media recorded in airborne missions.