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An imperative element of the Plant Breeders' Act is the need joined to the general population enthusiasm over the Interest of the business reproducers (Chapter VII).
Given the propensity of most small firms to be reproducers, rather than innovators (Aldrich & Kenworthy, 1999), evolutionary theory has been used to introduce a new perspective.
Thus, most nascent entrepreneurs start as small reproducers and not as innovators.
The irony is that the abolition of patrilineal clan system, which might have been seen as the key to women's emancipation, resulted in a new form of women's oppression by transforming women into the bearers of multiple burdens as producer, reproducer, and child-rearer, while they are deprived of the language to discuss themselves and, therefore, forced to be silent.
As noted above, 10 of the critical subsystems (again counting the reproducer and the boundary) deal with matter-energy processing.
Reducing one's identity to being a mother is one's willing self-exclusion from the symbolic realm, one's willing self-relegation to being the reproducer of society, never its agent, never its political subject: "In a sense we need to say goodbye to maternal omnipotence (the last refuge) and establish a woman-to-woman relationship of reciprocity with our mothers, in which they might possibly also feel themselves to be our daughters" (Whitford 1991: 50).
The GSR is also an efficient ground reproducer for a variety of media recorded in airborne missions.
Announcing a new bid approach topping the previous 125p a share bid from Sector Wish hoisted Whitecross 7p to 128p while Forward Technology climbed 1p to 16p with a mystery bidder coming in for the reproducer of audio and video cassettes, vinyl records and CDs.
The studies did not query the respondents about the reproducer and boundary subsystems since these two functions were outside their personal spans of control.