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Although women cannot expect to have military careers and or benefits similar to those of men, their contribution to national security, beyond their roles as reproducers, has been significant, in large part because in Israel there is no clear distinction between civilian and military life (Kimmerling, 1993).
The Donica range of Digital Media Reproducers allows for a plug and play replacement to ageing IFE video tape machines which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and source the necessary media for.
It is clear that technology has made it possible for all members of modern culture to be reproducers and evangelists for their views and cultural scripts.
For example more than 6 million M1 Carbines were made between 1941 and 1945, yet there has been a passel of M1 Carbine reproducers over the last 40 years, and Auto-Ordnance is making them right now--even to the point of copying the M1A1 "paratrooper" model with its folding stock.
In Orkut, the range was expanded with words such as guppy, goldfish, betta, cichlids, aquarism (gupi/guppy, kinguio, betta, ciclideos, ciclideos africanos, aquarismo, aquarios plantados) to less related like reproducers and ornamental ponds (reprodutores, lagos ornamentais).
These ecological reproducers are grounded in reduced use, embracing small-scale subsistence technologies (such as small-scale farming, see for instance Shiva 1989; 2009).
A colony of cells could now improve both traits at the same time, by making some cells exclusively reproducers and others survivors.
Among the fission reproducers, Bely discovered a few oddballs: These worms, of which Pa.
They have been seen too often as reproducers and care givers rather than as ends in themselves.
Traditional societies educated their young to be replicators and reproducers of existing wisdom.
Here women re-present women not as witnesses to conflict, victims, or reproducers but as active participants in social change and development.
Iris, who worked as a comptometer operator at Bulpitt &Sons from 1944-48, married William Bulpitt, great grandson of the founder and personnel director at the firm until its sale to Birmingham Sound Reproducers (BSR) in the early 1970s.