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By actually using the electronic storage system, the district director can evaluate the equipment and software as well as the procedures to prepare, record, transfer, index, store, preserve, retrieve and reproduce electronically stored documents.
If a duplicate "accurately reproduces the original" (Rule 1001, (4)) and a duplicate "is admissible to the same extent as an original" (Rule 1003), both records are admissible under law.
If a virus strain can reproduce with minimum threat from the immune system, he said, then it will change little and quickly dominate.
intestinalis and its relatives have been long considered to reproduce only asexually--by division into two identical cells.
Most important, this text reproduces the marginal notes in their proper place surrounding the text (not relegated to footnotes as in earlier editions), thereby highlighting their status as glosses that often expand upon the personal narrative of the text or else relate events in the larger world to it.
Despite the importance of knowing how both animal and plant pathogens reproduce, many harmful fungi and protozoans, like the Valley Fever fungus, have simply been assumed to be asexual because scientists have never observed them reproducing sexually.
Moreover, the virus only reproduces in and kills motor neurons.
The AIDS virus reproduces efficiently only inside immune cells that have been activated out of their natural resting state, yet it ultimately kills those cells.