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Breakdown of Reproducibility Symposium attendees Faculty (25%) Doctoral Candidates (18%) Masters Students (18%) Postdocs (14%) Other (10%) Staff/Admin (8%) Research Engineer (2%) Undergrads (1%) Note: Table made from pie chart.
Reproducibility refers to the variation in measurements made on a subject under changing conditions, in this case the different devices [14].
The data were used for assessing the (a) reproducibility or interexperiment variability of the proposed imaging approach, (b) the variability of the function parameters within a group, and (c) the longitudinal changes of the function parameters over one year.
The use of a standardized manual platelet count has likely led to the high reproducibility of the estimate in our study.
Results of this study found that both intra-visit (ICC values: 0.821–0.954) and inter-visit (ICC values: 0.844–0.899) reproducibility of flow index measurements were high.
In addition to determining the developmental stage, each single parameter involved in this method was assessed in terms of interand intra-observer reproducibility. In order to evaluate the reproducibility of clinical decisions based on this method, cervical vertebrae maturation staging (CVMS) I and II were considered as phase 1 and CVMS IV and V were considered as phase .
The researchers did not address how or whether greater data access might improve reproducibility.
The sample averages are plotted on a control chart to evaluate the stability (reproducibility) of the method.
According to the calculations of Repeatability and Reproducibility and from the obtained results, the laboratory achieved repeatability variance of r = 2.09563E + 8 and reproducibility variance of R = 3.82917E + 7.
According to the company, BioFX TMBX in a quantitative assay can increase the assay's upper limit of quantitation, maintain the detection limits and analytical sensitivity achieved with other TMB substrates and improves the reproducibility of the assay through lower backgrounds and better control of assay timing.
The aim of this study was to compare inter- and intra-examiner reproducibility using a manual probe to obtain a clinical record of probing depth, with different variables considered.
Many authors have reported on OCT reproducibility and have demonstrated standard deviations (SD) of RNFL and retinal thickness measurements within the range of approximately 10-20 microns (10-20%) in normal and in glaucomatous eyes.