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Reproducibility error is the variation caused by different inspectors measuring the same parts using the same measurement equipment.
Reproducibility was determined by relative standard deviation x 100.
Analytical validation refers to the measurement of sensitivity and reproducibility of the proposed assay/technology.
Also, because a functional test must be reproducible in a given subject in order to be useful in clinical follow-up, we assessed the reproducibility of the static visual vertical in healthy subjects.
Consistent reproducibility (repeatable standard deviation).
For reproducibility according to the NIBEM method, a "flash" apparatus is required.
In my experience as a researcher, I found that the problem lay primarily in the lack of incentives and opportunities for validation--the Reproducibility Initiative directly tackles these missing pieces.
To achieve greatest levels of reproducibility, The Economics of Reproducibility in Preclinical Research offers tangible solutions--providing guidelines for advancing education and training and applying best practices in life science research.
If we want to increase reproducibility in science, we need to make reproducibility a key metric that scientists are optimizing for.
New Series 700 and 800 compounds reportedly allow for much better control and reproducibility of conductivity than does carbon black alone.