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The present study is aimed at systematically examining the effects of cabergoline on hormones, reproductive organs and sperm of male R.
Identification of the developmental stage at which a reproductive organ destined to abscise first loses its activity as a sink might be expected to provide relevant information concerning the underlying mechanism that controls pod number.
1999) and because this is a sensitive time point for disruption of reproductive organs by prenatal estrogen exposure.
She said that the team originally discounted the bone as the reproductive organ because they thought it was part of the pelvic gurdle.
At high doses, azole fungicides and other azole compounds affect reproductive organs, fertility, and development in several species.
The relationship between exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDs) and risk to reproductive organs is well documented, but the influence of EDs on behavioral development has not been studied.
Low-dose bisphenol A also interfered with the normal development of the offspring's reproductive organs.
They found widespread Ebola virus infection of reproductive organs with minimal tissue immune response or signs of disease.
This meant that the animal had both the male as well as the female reproductive organs.
It increases secretion of testosterone and rejuvenates reproductive organs.
This is a visual and manual examination of a woman's reproductive organs.
Our conservation officer said it probably could not reproduce, ft had some of both the male and female reproductive organs.

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