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As for the quarter [treating] the mortal vices, it [also] contains ten books: the Commentary on the Wonders of the Heart; the Disciplining of the Soul; the Book of the Harmful Effects of the Two Desires ([that of] the belly and that of the genitals); the Harmful Effects of the Tongue; the Harmful Effects of Anger, Harboring Resentment, and Envy; the Book Reproving the World; the Book Reproving Wealth and Miserliness; the Book Reproving High Social Standing and Hypocrisy; the Book Reproving Arrogance and Conceit; and the Book Reproving Delusion.
The Anchor Bible (New York: Doubleday, 2000) 1648, writes: "The opposite of hating in the heart is reproving in the open (i.
Reproving the recent terrorist attacks in Baldia Town, Abbas Town Karachi, assault on Hazara community in Balochistan and Badami Bagh, grieves and sorrows were expressed on the causalities of innocent people and sympathies with the bereaved families.
When I reprimanded him with a reproving, "Now, what did I say about how you should behave when receiving presents.
The show ended up being inadvertently hilarious and superbly uncomfortable, as participants would join a very frustrated American artist sitting in the ruins of his failed installation, moaning about how it was "supposed to be" and reproving a few bewildered Egyptian attendants for asking the artist where he was from.
LAHORE, July 15 -- As the row between media and the Punjab Assembly over the passage of two resolutions - the first reproving and the second one approving the role of journalists - starts to subside following four days of high drama, the central government in neighbouring India has proposed a government-appointed committee with powers to screen programmes or advertisements before broadcast, and formulate the content code.
I once knew Britain's only atheist missionary, who told me he might start believing if a large reproving finger appeared pointing at him from the skies, followed by some skin-singeing lightning.
Part of the fun is seeing how much the sisters can get away with under the reproving eye of the Mother Superior.
To advise to reprehend anyone, consider whether it ought to be public or in private, presently or at some other time, in what terms to do it and in reproving, show no signs of choler, but do it with all sweetness and mildness.
But equally encouraging for me was the reaction of the majority of fans on the Kop to those who vainly tried to resurrect the anti-American slogans of the previous Monday; drowned out not just by reproving boos, but by a resurgent wave of support for the team, embodied in some of our most famous chants.
Agree the biscuits look good but explain you won't be buying any today without sounding reproving.