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Ssh, you mustn't say that word; it's a bad word," said Nora reprovingly.
Well, ' she said reprovingly 'it was a bit embarrassing.
And in bequeathing his dead infant's curl to Annie, he reminds her, somewhat reprovingly, of the first family that the new infant has nullified.
THOU shalt not run a finger over an undusted stretch of mantelpiece whilst clicking thy tongue reprovingly.
But the sergeant, moving crabwise towards his subordinate, brushed the hovering paw away reprovingly.
The bus conductor marched down the aisle, slammed the window shut and told the suffering woman reprovingly that the xenos must not get wet.
Yet the author herself is explicitly critical of others' errors, showing a tendency to correct t hese reprovingly.
If anything, Rainey treats Eliot even more reprovingly than he does Joyce.
Then they fixed their eyes upon me reprovingly, and slowly faded from my sight.
7 '"The Italian," he had, by some strange accident, read, read, but only to laught at it', a pious De Quincey reprovingly records in his 'Gradual Estrangement from Wordsworth' (1840); see Collected Writings, ed.
Then, looking reprovingly at Jessica, he said that even if the surgery worked it would not help her behavior.