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What Egypt does within its own borders, as long as it sites its regional policies within the perimeter of US interests, will be regarded as its own business, with the grievances of women and minorities dealt with reprovingly in the country reports issued by the State Department.
As we step back and forth in what we hope is a seductive tango embrace Carolina tells us reprovingly 'you have to be close, very close.
Dibber itto mishpat--God spoke reprovingly to Moses, since he had made so bold as to say, "Why have you done evil to this people?
With a high ratio of plans and line drawings to photos of completed buildings (roughly four to one), it is an ideal Little Blue Book for students to put in their pockets or wave reprovingly at deviants from the party-line, for again it is Comrade (or is it Constable?
During an argument with my wife (now ex-, perhaps not surprisingly), she said reprovingly, "I expected more of you.
Ssh, you mustn't say that word; it's a bad word," said Nora reprovingly.
Well, ' she said reprovingly 'it was a bit embarrassing.
And in bequeathing his dead infant's curl to Annie, he reminds her, somewhat reprovingly, of the first family that the new infant has nullified.
THOU shalt not run a finger over an undusted stretch of mantelpiece whilst clicking thy tongue reprovingly.
The bus conductor marched down the aisle, slammed the window shut and told the suffering woman reprovingly that the xenos must not get wet.