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And much like the Egyptian counterpart which has carved faces of gods, pharaohs and animals, the Martian wall has the reptilian face.
According to the Pocono Record, as Rogers's first-degree murder trial began in March, she claimed in court the couple had gotten into a disagreement with the leader of the cult, who preaches a heady stew of alien conspiracy theories, apocalyptic biblical interpretation and warnings about "reptilian" extraterrestrials living secretly as humans.
The best defense from "unlinking from the instruments" in IMC is to follow the airplane's progress through changes in the attitude indicator constantly and routinely so that your reptilian brain, following along, believes the instruments.
Viewing pictures of the strange, amateurish-looking yet eerie objects, reminds me of the scene early in William Friedkin's 1973 adaptation of William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist when Father Merrin, the film's titular character, encounters a fearsome, reptilian statue of the Babylonian deity Pazuzu while on an archaeological dig in Iraq.
'This is not just identification of reptilian species and its simple description, but a unique project where each work is described based on its DNA identification.'
If a traffic cop stops me, the full reptilian rage will hit, but it will go down quicker.
Photos of the reptilian discovery were viral on Facebook after they were uploaded on Friday.
Actor Chetan Hansraj has been roped in to play a reptilian named Mahish in the mythological show Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav .
It requires "being non-rational" and using "the good old reptilian cortex." It requires turning away from reason, observation, and inductive awareness--and toward unreason, "intuitive, instinctive awareness." If, however, we are willing to make that leap, we can see not only the fact that rocks have rights, but also its corollary: that capitalism and all of its components must be destroyed.
When she walks in a kids' playground at a specific time she causes a giant reptilian monster to appear in Seoul, South Korea, that mimics her movements.
As if all the white feathers fell from heaven, and all the dark, reptilian members of a sect so contaminated by illness it would take a wet suit to kill a single one-- as if there were no grounds where these two did not play at conversion, illusion, those parlor games in which children are seduced by a coin pulled from the ear, a fish made from the lips, or a buttercup held beneath the fragrant flesh of all that must sooner or later find entrapment inside narrow-barred cages called houses, with big-bellied creatures called men.
Insurance company defense teams and their assigned legal counsels also must prepare for this reptilian approach in trial.