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Anthony for the proposition that "referring to the [original] article was neither a republication nor a publication of the libel.
Thus, the precise question there was whether a hyperlink constituted a republication of content that had already been published by the defendant.
Bihen (122) to buttress its argument that "a simple reference--like a hyperlink--to defamatory information" (123) does not constitute publication or republication of the content.
128) However, the court held that merely referencing the article, without repeating its content, does not constitute publication or republication of the content.
For example, a New York state treatise on defamation utilizes MacFadden to show that "[a] mere reference to another writing which contains defamatory matter does not, however, constitute an actionable repetition or republication of the libelous matter.
144) However, the Klein court held that the June article's reference to the May article, without repeating any of its content, did not constitute a republication of the allegedly defamatory article.
149) However, the republication of that defamatory material is an exception to the single publication rule.
154) a federal district court in Kentucky cited Klein for the principle that a reference does not constitute republication.
The holding of Crookes that hyperlinks fail to constitute a republication of defamatory content would seem to indicate that the hypothetical plaintiff, just like the plaintiff in Klein, should be barred by the statute of limitations from bringing a defamation action.
When a publisher continues to make an allegedly defamatory book available from its stock, courts have held that action does not constitute republication, even though the publisher could have withdrawn the book.
in which the court, when ruling on a jurisdictional issue, held that republication occurred each time online content was accessed.