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43) For an understanding of why the media would benefit from the defense, it is necessary to examine the elements of defamation and republisher liability.
Thus, a vendor or customer of the republisher may have no recourse with respect to a false or misleading year 2000 statement not only because of the safe harbor provision above, but also because it is not in privity with the original source of the republished statement, i.
139) Furthermore, texts commonly refer to distributors as publishers, secondary publishers, or republishers.
Orlogix is a republisher of selected successful US software titles for the European market.
As Japan's leading software republisher, SOURCENEXT has a proud history of producing a succession of successful products.
CAMPBELL) MGI Signs Agreement with Japan's Leading Software Republisher
Acclivity will act as the exclusive US republisher for MYOB products and services as of December 5, 2005.
a multi-lingual aggregator and republisher of transactional content, today announced the availability of its FastCamel on- line market place solution for the magazine publishing industry.
The historian Adrian Johns describes the lively market for reprinters in early America, importers and republishers of British material under copyright.
Nothing new here but, with the advent of self-publishing and lazy republishers, otherwise good stuff puts itself beyond reach because no-one has bothered to tag it properly.
Hemera images and image collections are also available worldwide through sales channels that include retailers, licensors and software republishers.
com/, in retail outlets by regional software republishers, and through hardware manufacturers who use Meedio's software to power preconfigured media servers and Set Top Boxes (STBs).