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TO REPUDIATE. To repudiate a right is to express in a sufficient manner, a determination not to accept it, when it is offered.
     2. He who repudiates a right cannot by that act transfer it to another. Repudiation differs from renunciation in this, that by the former he who repudiates simply declares that he will not accept, while he who renounces a right does so in favor of another. Renunciation is however sometimes used in the sense of repudiation. See To Renounce; Renunciation; Wolff, Inst. 339.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Obama did not entirely repudiate this truism; but Ms.
Initially, this combative, take-no-prisoners style enlivens his commentary, but even those who agree that it is the scholar's sworn duty to repudiate Farrakhan for "the bigotry that he evinces and the manifest injury to racial comity that he causes" will question the need to use modifiers such as "demagogic," "reactionary," and "pernicious" so frequently.
The same deal may go down over "global warming." Though scientists right and left are backpedaling from predictions of a "greenhouse effect" raising global temperatures, the Clinton administration has yet to repudiate its desire for the U.S.
Section 212(e) of FIRREA (12 U.S.C Section 1821[e]) gives the conservator or receiver of any insured institution the authority to "disaffirm or repudiate" any contract or lease to which the institution is a party if the conservator/receiver determines that 1) the contract is burdensome and, 2) repudiation will promote the orderly administration of the institution's affairs.
A mystical experience resulting from inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in a dentist's chair started him on strange lines of thought that led him to repudiate monism and adopt pluralism.
Mr Anderson, who was once heavily involved with Northern Ireland trade unions and other groups, said: "It's excellent news the nonsectarian trade union movement is taking the lead in organising vigils so that people can repudiate renegade republican terrorists.
I would call upon this Islamic cleric to publicly apologise and repudiate his remarks.
If so, let us pray that all Canadian clergy repudiate the Winnipeg Statement so that no more end up in hell.
"Poletown was the first major case allowing condemnations of areas in the name of jobs and taxes," explains Institute for Justice attorney Dana Berliner, who co-authored a brief urging the Michigan Supreme Court to repudiate the ruling.
But the Bush administration has no constitutional warrant to enforce UN dicta against American citizens--or individuals who repudiate U.S.
Dobson and Watson maintain that each generation expresses anxiety over the power Elizabeth derives from her celibacy and virginity by attempting to either harness or repudiate that power for political and cultural purposes.