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TO REPUDIATE. To repudiate a right is to express in a sufficient manner, a determination not to accept it, when it is offered.
     2. He who repudiates a right cannot by that act transfer it to another. Repudiation differs from renunciation in this, that by the former he who repudiates simply declares that he will not accept, while he who renounces a right does so in favor of another. Renunciation is however sometimes used in the sense of repudiation. See To Renounce; Renunciation; Wolff, Inst. 339.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Fouquet thought Aramis was right, that this newly-arrived was a king as pure in his race as the other, and that, for having repudiated all participation in this coup d'etat , so skillfully got up by the General of the Jesuits, he must be a mad enthusiast, unworthy of ever dipping his hands in political grand strategy work.
In a Palace briefing, Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo said that opposition candidates were 'overwhelmingly repudiated by the electorate,' and should therefore shut up as the people already rejected them.
After a Chinese actor referred to Taiwan as part of China's territory during the Golden Horse Awards ceremony in Taipei last evening, President Tsai Ing-wen repudiated the statement intended to belittle Taiwan via social media on Sunday.
That the insured deceased died on 18-3-2010 and insurance claim was repudiated by the Insurance Corporation on 7-5-2012 thereafter application of claimant was filed before Insurance Tribunal on 121-2013 Question of limitation was a mixed question of law and facts and same could not be adjudged without recording of evidence and the Insurance Tribunal failed to consider applicability of Ss.
Should he try to save the father who long ago repudiated his mother and banished Zabor to an isolated house?
Thursday's move marks the first time the church has so clearly repudiated active conversion of Jews in an official document.
State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said, "The language that we've seen is deeply offensive," adding "we think that these comments should be repudiated, and they should be repudiated firmly."
Turkey has decided to ignore threats of an attack made by a senior Pasdar officer after the Iranian Foreign Ministry officially repudiated the general's remarks.
Former MP Ljatif Pajkovski wonders in Utrinski vesnik why they allow Macedonians with Islam religion to be repudiated and ignored by the census.
"The NSBS is not entitled to withhold a servicing fee from the funds it is retaining, because the liquidating agent disaffirmed and repudiated the arrangement NSBS had to service the accounts effective Nov.
According to the details of claims, New Jubilee Insurance Company has only made payment under the Terrorism Insurance Policy while liability for payment under the other policies has been repudiated by New Jubilee Insurance Company Limited.